Delhi Doctor Detained With Black Money: Amount Will Shock You

A Paediatrician was detained Wednesday for allegedly possessing around Rs. 70 lakhs in Rs. 100 denominations in central Delhi’s Paharganj area, police said. 

The doctor, identified as Nallal, was allegedly putting bundles of cash in his car when a passerby noticed his action and made a PCR call, they said.

Nallal was detained and it was found that he was carrying Rs. 69,86,000 in Rs. 100 denominations, police said.

The accused told police that his businessman friend had given him the money to keep and he was taking the cash to his house in Rajouri Garden.

Demonetisation drive by the current government has hit the black money market very hard. Income tax authorities are on a look out on suspicious traders, doctors and builders.More cases like this are being reported from every nook and corner of the country on a daily basis .