From bad economy, Modi govt turned India into “bright spot”:

From bad economy, Modi govt turned India into “bright spot”:

PM Modi
PM Modi

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Crediting the Modi government with making India a “bright spot” despite the global economic slowdown, BJPtoday expressed confidence there will be a “transformation in the lives of the poor” as it reached out to people ahead of next year’s assembly election in UP.

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In an economic resolution passed at its national executive meeting here, the party claimed India under the “exceptional leadership” of Prime Minister NarendraModi, has emerged as the fastest growing economy and trained guns on the previous Congress-led UPAgovernments for leaving behind a “very bad economy”.

“India has emerged as a bright spot in a world in recession, in which most of the nations are facing a slowdown and decline in growth. After inheriting a very bad economy, amidst global slowdown and successive two years of drought, India under the exceptional leadership of Prime Minister Modi, emerged as the fastest growing economy,” it said.

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The resolution said Economic experts, think tanks, multilateral institutions and reputed media have acknowledged India’s growth story and hailed various schemes and initiatives of the government.

“This is not just by chance, but due to extensive and persistent efforts by the Modi government and its prudent policies. After inheriting a mismanaged economy from the previous government of UPA, the task of the new government was two-fold. First it had to undo the bad effects of the previous government including policy paralysis, mis-governance and corruption and secondly to make the economy embark on the path of development,” the resolution said.

It claimed that under the UPA government international community had started writing off India, terming it as a laggard economy and that the last two years of the dispensation were the worst from the point of view of the industry, infrastructure, price stability (inflation), health of banking sector, external sector imbalances and fiscal management.