MIND BLOWING Verbal Dual Between Subramanian Swamy And Ram Jethmalani On Article...

MIND BLOWING Verbal Dual Between Subramanian Swamy And Ram Jethmalani On Article 370 -DON’T MISS


Dr Subramanian Swamy and Ram Jethmalani had a great debate recently in a law college about Article 370. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution grants special status to the state of Jamme and Kashmir. Dr Swamy speaks for the removal of Article 370, while the senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani supports the special status of Kashmir. This war of words just turned into a amazing debate between these two stalwarts.

Dr Swamy emphasizes that although there may be some loopholes in the law supporting the Article, it is time we follow the principles of Abraham Lincoln, say to hell with the constitution and go ahead and establish indian dominance in Jammu and Kashmir.

I f one recalls, Abraham Lincoln felt the integration of several smaller states to form the country of Amercia was important. Although the Constitution prohibited this, he decided to override the Constitution and send the Army with his sole objective of forming the United States of America. Dr Swamy too, suggests something in the same lines.

Ram Jethmalani however feels Article 370 is permanent and cannot be revoked by India, ever. Jethmalani’s arguments however will put down any patriotic Indian who feels Kashmir is our integral part as his tone is somewhat towards a “India-free Kashmir”.

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