Visually Impaired Girl Cracks UPSC In First Attempt

Visually Impaired Girl Cracks UPSC In First Attempt

Image Source Indian Today
Image Source Indian Today

Visually Impaired Girl Cracks UPSC In First Attempt : The Story of Pranjal Patil

She could not see with her eyes but that did not stop her from visualizing a dream and working hard to make it come true.

Pranjal Patil, a 26-year-old visually-impaired Ulhasnagar resident, cleared the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams this year, getting an All-India ranking of 773.

Pranjal was just 6 years old when a student in her class hit one of her eyes with a pencil. After this, Pranjal lost vision in this eye. Doctors warned her parents that she might soon lose vision in the other eye too. And unfortunately, the warning proved to be right just after a year. But her parents never let her blindness come in the way of her education. They sent Pranjal to Smt. Kamla Mehta School for the Blind in Dadar, Mumbai. After passing Class 10 with flying colours, Pranjal also secured 85% in Class 12 and stood first in the Arts section of Chandibai College.

After this, she took admission in St. Xaviers College, Mumbai to do B.A.

“I used to travel everyday from Ulhasnagar to CST. Everyone used to help, sometimes to cross the road, sometimes to get into the train. But there were few who asked me why I was travelling alone so far and I should study in a college somewhere in Ulhasnagar itself. But I told them that I want to study only in this college and I am comfortable travelling every day for that,” Pranjal said in an interview to ABP Majha.

Married to Komal Singh Patil, a cable operator from Ozharkheda, Pranjal gives the entire credit for her success to the immense support from her parents, friends and husband.

Pranjal started prepring for Civil Services in 2015 and cleared the exam . We wish her all the success in her life as an IAS officer of the Republic of India. Well done girl!