China, Meddling in Kashmir : Mehbooba Mufti

China, Meddling in Kashmir : Mehbooba Mufti


First China threatened India through its state-run Press, by making a statement on Kashmir regarding third party military intervention on behalf of Pakistan. Now in true Chinese Checkers style suddenly it is proposing to play constructive role in the territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. Thus Beijing threatening to interfere in J&K dispute, in retaliation to the role played by Indian Army in Doklam means that China is totally rattled. The article in China’s state publication Global Times said India would face the risk of Beijing’s intervention in J&K since it chose to meddle in Doklam, a territorial dispute which does not concern India.

Leveling the first major accusation against China of intervening in the Kashmir dispute, J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said Beijing has now started to interfere in the affairs of India. The statement of Mufti came after her meeting with Union Home Minister in New Delhi. The two leaders had a detailed discussion on the present situation in the state, along with the threat posed by the terrorists in the area of South Kashmir.

The Chief Minister said that the present law and order issue does not stemis due to a small number of separatists from Kashmir and external terrorists meddling into this. The infiltration from across the border is resurrecting terrorism in the Valley. All have to resist all such attempts made by external forces to create disturbance in Kashmir. Unfortunately, now even China is trying to interfere.

Mehbooba also condemned the muted response adopted by China on Amarnath terror attack, which claimed the lives of 7 pilgrims and injured 15 others. “All countries condemned the Amarnath tragedy. It is surprising that we didn’t hear anything from China,” she told news agency ANI. She condemned Beijing for turning a blind-eye to the terrorism perpetrated on Indian soil from Pakistan. “The way they should condemn the cross border terrorism, it hasn’t been done by China,”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told PTI that he hoped,things that are conducive for peace and stability will be done by both the sides thus avoiding escalating the tensions.He added that China was willing to play constructive role in improving relations between India and Pakistan.

However the mediation offer, was unceremoniously rejected by India. All disputes with Pakistan, including territorial issue of kashmir, has to be resolved in a bilateral manner only. “As far as the intervention offer coming from any third party, India has reiterated its stance very clearly – All issues to be discussed with Pakistan, including Kashmir, would be done under a bilateral framework,” the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said.