China’s New Aircraft Carrier

China’s New Aircraft Carrier

This is Chinese strategy after  Land, Air, water, Space, Cyber Space……..the final frontier…….Mind Control

China’s New Aircraft Carrier

The following comment from an American observer who viewed the photos above;

“This is a quantum leap above anything we have on the  drawing board. They have thought “outside the  box” on this one. Better speed, larger capacity,  much more stable, etc. Definitely a “blue-water”  long reach vessel. Plus they can service their nuke sub fleet in-between the twin hulls (sight  unseen) or even launch amphibious opps from same. It will be launched in half the time it takes the USA at just one-third the cost. Add the new Chinese stealth fighter bomber (naval  version already flight-testing) in the mix and you have the makings of a formidable weapons system indeed. Also look at that extra ”parking and readiness” station between both hull  structures. And of course the launching and landing capabilities from the utilization of twin flight decks at once.

Six of these vessels (two pacific, two Atlantic, one Indian  ocean and one on the Mediterranean sea ) would be a pretty good diplomatic “big stick.” Note:  the Chinese are already drilling for oil off Cuba, Brazil and Venezuela… Can they build a fleet of these things?

China is the only nation other than Russia that can launch men into outer space. They have also shot down a surveillance satellite (one of their own) from the ground. Plus, they “own our ass” in the international debt game.

China ‘s new carrier could be twice as fast as anything we  have, plus the stability of a catamaran type hull will greatly reduce the pitching, yawing and swaying common to our present designs.    

Oh.  You still want to say: “Junk made in China ?”