Right Time To Fill Up The 12 Seats Of J&K Assembly Kept...

Right Time To Fill Up The 12 Seats Of J&K Assembly Kept Vacant For PoK By Nomination


Independent MLA from Langate Assembly seat, Engineer Rashid, in the most unprecedented case, praised both Salahuddin and Musa the top Pakistan sponsored terrorists within the hall of the J&K Assembly. He said that they were not terrorists and that India was “illegally’’ occupying Kashmir. This mad anti national statement also drew support from the so called main stream party the National Conference.

Thus for the first time in the legislative history of Jammu and Kashmir, mainstream legislators praised the role of Hizbul Mujahideen commander and United Jihad Council (UJC) chief, Syed Salahuddin, and former Hizbul commander Zakir Musa, for their narrow selfish motives. This naturally led to an uproar in the Legislative Assembly.

Never before have the Separatists and terrorists like Salahuddin and Musa got support from mainstream political parties. In fact PDP had once sought self-rule and representation from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir when it was in power with Congress between 2002 and 2008 and subsequently in Opposition, during the tenure of Omar Abdullah-led NC-Congress coalition government. So finally this is the right time to fill up the 12 seats reserved for PoK by nomination. This practice then should continue till actual elections are held there with rest of J&K. The President of India must order the Governor for immediate action. Thereafter we the Indians can watch the raving and ranting of Pak and their terrorist mad dogs and the separatists Jackals.

This Rashid chap must immediately be suspended from the Assembly as demanded by PDP MLA Javid Beg who reacted sharply to Rashid’s statement followed by BJP members demanding Rashid’s suspension. This Rashid tried to storm the Well of the House. However, members of the BJP continued to protest. Later, when Speaker Kavinder Gupta ordered security staff to take Rashid out, NC members including former speaker Mohammad Akbar Lone came to Rashid’s support. NC MLAs including Pahalgam MLA Altaf Kaloo attacked the security staff of the Assembly. The Speaker was forced to adjourn the Legislative Assembly?

Rashid who said that Salahuddin was not a terrorist, but those “encouraging terrorism were inside the assembly.’’ “You have been accusing Musa and Salahuddin as terrorists but the world should know that the real terrorists and intolerant are in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly.’’ Inside the Assembly there is immunity. However in case this joker makes one such statement outside the Assembly then he should be treated like a terrorist supporter, charged under the law accordingly and placed behind the bars.

Pointing at BJP, Rashid continued to rave “You people have not only been killing Kashmiris but Indians also in the name of cows and all your efforts to dilute the disputed character of Jammu and Kashmir will be dealt with strongly.’’ Well lets see who is able to deal with whom and in what manner. The funding of such people from across the boarders have already been stopped and now they need to be exposed to the people, they have been making fool of for so long.

Rashid falsely demanded that people of Kashmir should be given the right to self-determination as promised by the United Nations. No such promise has been made by the UN ever and neither can UN make such promise to any power on this earth. Though this the stand being espoused by separatists and Pakistan and both are getting isolated day by day.