Bravo General Bipin Rawat For Rattling The Chinese

Bravo General Bipin Rawat For Rattling The Chinese


Bhutan recently issued a demarche to China for stopping the construction of a road forthwith, towards its Army camp in Zomplri area of Doklam and asked Beijing to restore status quo. The Doklam is a tri-junction area near the Chumbi Valley. It is illegally under China’s control as the sovereignty over the area rests with Bhutan.

However China’s Defence spokesman Col Wu Qian brazenly rejected Bhutan’s demarche over the territorial violation carried out by PLA soldiers, saying its troops operated on “Chinese territory”. This is nothing new for China. In the same manner they had entered and captured Tibet in the past. Similarly they had tried the same tactics in Ladhak and Arunachal against India. Now when under a treaty obligation India has also warned China not to encroach into Bhutan, Chinese are furious. They have asked India to “correct” its “wrong doing”. As per their Defence Ministry, Chinese personnel have not entered Bhutan’s territory, their troops are operating on Chinese territory only.

Next stepped in Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang as part of the Chinese checkers and displayed a photograph of Indian “incursion”, god knows taken in which area and when, claiming that the dispute was turning into a confrontation of sorts between the troops on the ground. He then demanded that to settle the dispute Indian soldiers must withdraw from the area. He also added that on detecting the illegal trespass they have lodged solemn representations with the Indian side in both New Delhi and Beijing.

Losing temper over India’s backing to Bhutan, China has also asked India to withdraw its troops from the Donglong area in Sikkim sector as a precondition for a “meaningful dialogue” to settle the boundary issue. It also issued a warning that the Indian Army should learn “historical lessons”, in an oblique reference to the 1962 war. It seems that they have themselves forgotten the bloody nose received by them in this very sector in 1967. This time Chinese should be ready for a bigger surprise if they remotely try repeating any trucks of 1962.

Even the People’s Liberation Army spokesman accused the Indian Army of entering the Chinese side in the Sikkim sector claiming that Indian soldiers tried to stop the normal activities being carried out by the Chinese.. They then went on to claim that the Chinese carried out appropriate responses to the Indian intrusion safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity. This so called “tough response “ was “We have made it clear to the Indian side to correct their wrong doing and withdraw all personnel from Chinese territory”. When asked about the protest lodged by Bhutan against the PLA transgression into Bhutanese territory as well as reports that Chinese military has destroyed bunkers of Indian army in the area, Col Wu axted as if he had not heard the question and continue to parrot his own propaganda.

The Chinese military is also grossly upset with the Indian Army Chief. They have outright rejected as “extremely irresponsible” Army chief General Bipin Rawat’s remarks that India is ready for a two-and-a-half front war. Chinese are asking him to “stop clamouring for war”.…..this right to give warning etc is the sole prerogative of the PLA!!!

General Rawat had said that India was fully prepared for security threats posed by China, Pakistan as well as by internal threats. He meant what he said and said it as a clear warning to all the enemies of India. Also unlike Nehru who left Tibet in the lurch, now India is not going to leave any of its friends undefended. So are the Chinese rattled? Are they considering India an enemy?