Pakistani Terrorists And Hurriyat Separatists Just Cannot Disrupt Amarnath Yatra

Pakistani Terrorists And Hurriyat Separatists Just Cannot Disrupt Amarnath Yatra


As per Intelligence estimate there are over 250 militants presently located in the Kashmir Valley. This is certainly much less than the numbers operating in the past years. In the late 90’s and upto mid 2000’s, around 300 militants operated in South Kashmir alone. In fact figures reveal that every year nearly 500 militant were being hunted down in South Kashmir. Presently as per count there are 130 local and 128 foreign terrorists in the Kashmir Valley. They have been identified with their code names, actual names, area of operation etc. Prime locations of terrorist activities have been mapped. Now they will be the targets for various operations to be launched by the Indian Army in stand alone mode or in conjunction with security forces i.e. Central Police Forces and Jammu Kashmir Police.

The plan to strike a lasting blow to terrorism in Kashmir Valley with a long-term plan to tackle the Hurriyat Separatists has been worked out. This should bring a lasting peace in the Valley, thus enabling proper economic and social activities to take place along with the Political process to commence.

The details indicate that Sopore tops the list of districts with 39 terrorists. Of these, 24 are locals and 15 foreigners. Kupwara district is placed second where 34 terrorist are active, of which 32 are of foreign origin. These chaps are presently hiding in the Forests and inaccessible areas but would finally try and move into South Kashmir when Amar Nath Yatra begins. Shopian and Awantipora districts have only 26 and 25 active terrorists, respectively. They belong to different groups that is Lashkar, Jaish, Hizbul and Al- Badr Most of the terrorist who have been identified belong to the LeT. As many as 136 Lashkar militants have been identified followed by 95 from Hizbul and 23 from Jaish.

In the past local terrorists never got involved in disrupting the Amarnath Yatra, as it brings huge earnings to South Kashmir. Attacks if any were only towards the end of Yatra and that too symbolic. The locals even prevented the foreign terrorists from doing any harm. However this time Pakistan and Hurriyat both seem to be desperate . Hence it is a cause for concern because of these foreign terrorists are well-equipped in the area and the yatra route. Hence, they are a bigger threat.

Intelligence inputs also reveal that a new consignment of arms arrived in the Valley from across the border. These are Chinese-made arms with better precision and more lethal effects . These Chinese hand grenades have already been used in an attack on a CRPF Battalion this week, in which 10 jawans were injured. Civil and police Officials think that use of these grenades to disrupt Amarnath Yatra is a possibility and Central security forces manning the route have been put on high alert. Army is also providing all necessary support to the Security Forces in ensuring the success of the Annual Yatra.

So far to start with, six terrorists have already been killed in the past two days alone as part of this Operation All-Out . The Yatra will begin with effect 29 June and Pakistan and Hurriyat can do nothing to stop it. People of the State of Jammu & Kashmir are all set to welcome their brethren from rest of the States of India.

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