People of India: Insurance claim being denied by reliance to Late Army...

 People of India: Insurance claim being denied by reliance to Late Army Officer’s kin Pause And Think


Lt Kakkar, 26, who got commissioned into the 45 CAVALRY of the Indian Army in 2015, was killed on May 26 in the same year in an accident in Bathinda Cantonment area—the place of his posting.

However, the life insurance claim pertaining to the late army officer has been rejected on the ground that his documents were received by the company one day late.

“At first, Reliance General Insurance declined to process our claim saying we did not intimate them about our son’s death within 90 days. But when I showed them the receipt of their acceptance of our intimation, they changed their stance and said the payment was declined because the requisite documents had reached their office on the 181st day of Nitish’s death, and not within the stipulated period of 180 days,” Nitish’s father Jitender Arya said, adding that he had sent the documents on the 176th day.

Even calling   the insurance company multiple times, got no response. Reliance General Insurance denying insurance claim to the family cites delay of one day as violation of terms and conditions of the policy to reject the claim. The family said their repeated requests to the army to intervene in helping them get insurance claim elicited no response.

The Adjutant General’s Branch  of the Army also not been able to grant  special family pension and ex-gratia lump-sum compensation to the bereaved family, despite the commanding officer of the unit recommending that Lt Kakkar was on bonafide military duty and his death is attributable to military service.

“The authorities concerned have not told us why the family pension and ex gratia were rejected even when it was recommended by the officers of the ranks of major general,” Arya said.

Meanwhile, the family said, the police are yet to reach a logical conclusion about the death of their son. “The police investigation so far says that he was found in a pool of blood by the side of his bike on the highway. They have not been able to find out what happened and which vehicle(s) was involved in the accident,” he said.

Over the past two years, Lt Kakkar’s father has written to the officials of the state and central governments, and the sainik board, but has not received any help. “It is not about money. We can do without it. But it is humiliating to see officials’ behaviour,” he said.