Bank Charges

Bank Charges


Dear Readers

The RBI is talking about the issues raised in petition presented by CHANGE. ORG. They’re making all kinds of statements.

BUT, they are not taking any action! They think that PUBLIC won’t notice that they are doing ZERO work to address our problems.

We are the customers, this is our money, our data, our security that is at risk. We deserve fair and safe services.

We have approached everyone for redress, from the RBI Governor, to the Finance Minister and Parliamentary Committees. Now let’s take our issue to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Click here to send a tweet to the PM and demand better banking services!

If political parties and media houses can get hash tags trending and make big issues out of small matters, we can do the same for this very important issue.

We the petitioners are 200,000 strong and bank customer’s number in millions, we need each and every one to send a tweet in order to get this trending and make an impact. Click here to send a tweet right away.

I have suggested a tweet, but feel free to change it and add your message – the stronger your message the better it will be. (Just remember to use the hash tag)

Customers, I am counting on your help to make this petition a victory and I assure you that I will keep fighting for our rights!

Thank you for your support,

Sucheta Dalal

Change. Org