With Terrorists Getting Eliminated And Separatists Getting Exposed People Of Kashmir Breathe...

With Terrorists Getting Eliminated And Separatists Getting Exposed People Of Kashmir Breathe Freely Once Again


Since last 27 years while Pakistan sponsored terrorists were killing and terrorising the innocent people of Kashmir, their supporters the Separatist elements among the Kashmiri politicians were blackmailing the common people of Kashmir into supporting merger with Pakistan. character assassination campaign against all things Indian was their prime job. Their main aim was that the common people of Kashmir surrender their freedom and stop voicing any kind of sentiments in support of the Indian Union. These Separatist leaders were always covering and shielding the atrocities and barbarism committed by the Pakistan sponsored terrorists against the common and unarmed people of both Jammu and Kashmir areas of the State of J & K.

While the common people of Jammu & Kashmir were paying the price of activities carried out by these separatist elements and living in acute deprivation of political, social and economical freedom, these Separatists were simply amassing wealth for themselves and their families. This amassing of wealth has been well documented and presented before the people of India for all to see.
When the demonetisation was carried out by the Modi Government, suddenly the Paki Sponsors and the recipients in the Valley all got thrown out of gear. The National Investigation Agency had meanwhile quietly started probing all their activities of the Separatists and gathering evidence for prosecution. Now it has conducted the raids at 23 locations in Kashmir, Haryana and Delhi in connection with a case of alleged funding received by separatist groups for carrying out subversive activities in the Kashmir Valley. Soon all these separatists will be behind bar and prosecuted . Deprived of funds , both terrorism and separatism , alien to the sufism culture of Kashmir will simply vanish.
The raids over the past 24 hours now clearly demonstrates the frustration of the government of Pakistan, the frustration of the terrorist outfits and the frustration of the Hurriyat Separatists. Now these fringe elements in Kashmir politics have no choice but to either surrender or run away to Pakistan. Due to the current raids being conducted by NIA and the hype and sensationalism around both Pakistan and Hurriyat are making desperate attempt to vilify and discredit the NIA and the Indian leadership and in turn discredit the people of India.
In desperation these worthless separatists are now denouncing the raids by NIA in Kashmir .The separatist camps are warning of “dire consequences” and street protests against such “arbitrary measures” by the Union government.
“We warn Delhi of dire consequences if all these harassing measures are not stopped forthwith. If these unnecessary raids are not stopped, people will take to streets and resent these arbitrary measures with their full might and will,” chairmen of both factions of Hurriyat Conference – Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq – and JKLF chief Yasin Malik said in a joint statement here. Well these may be the last barking of the mad dogs.
Now the Hurriyat is fully exposed and the Indian Army along with the Central Security Forces fully motivated to go and hunt down the terrorists mad dogs , the nightmare the Kashmiris have been facing is coming to an end. In consonance with this hunting game , the Govt of India has initiated various actions for economic development of the State and restore its lost glory.