Kashmir is Integral Part of India : Arundhati Roy

Kashmir is Integral Part of India : Arundhati Roy


Source: DN

Army has ensured that the terrorists and the separatists in the Kashmir Valley are on the run. Recently in a Brigade level search operations in Shopian area around 3,000 personnel of the Indian Army, Central Reserve Police Force and Jammu and Kashmir police cordoned off an area and carried out detailed search to flush out the terrorists hiding there. The army took the step after terrorists video emerged threatening the Indian state of dire consequences.

So now all the so called liberals backer of Congressi Raj are now out and shouting hoarse against the NDA Govt in general and Indian Army in particular. Among them is the Indian journalist and and so called human rights activist Arundhati Roy. In another of her wailing, she has vomited anger once again against India. She has stated that India cannot achieve its objective in the occupied Kashmir valley even if its army deployment increases from 7 lakh to 70 lakh. She made these remarks during a recent visit to Srinagar. She called the Indian aggression in the Kashmir ‘shameful’ and said that the New Delhi`s oppression cannot subdue Kashmiri struggle.

She lambasted the Indian government, saying the government bars its authors from expressing their thoughts and put them in jail those who raise their voice against injustices and regretted that corrupt elements, rapists and other criminals were set free on the other hand. She also reportedly said that Modi government was not allowing authors and journalists to express their views on Kashmir and they are being jailed for speaking against the Indian Army atrocities.

This Arundhati type liberals are a shame upon India and more dangerous than the Jaichands and Mirkasims of yester years. She needs to apply for a long visa to Pakistan. After staying there for weeks only, she will realise how the Pakistani State treats “liberals” like her. It is a country like India only, where people like Arundhati are allowed such freedom to say what they feel like without a shred of evidence. She is also unaware of the determination of the people of India. They are ready to face the terrorists. In case required, what to talk of 70 lacs, more than 70 crores Indians will go into Kashmir Valley, to cordon it and hunt down the terrorists. We will not permit Pakistan to take away Kashmir nor permit a handful of Kashmiri separatists to dictate terms to rest of the Kashmiris and rest of India.