Hurriyat Children Lead  Luxurious Life, Lesser Children Do Stone Pelting

Hurriyat Children Lead  Luxurious Life, Lesser Children Do Stone Pelting


Terrorists operating in the valley are a mixture of foreign terrorists and Indians from the State of Jammu & Kashmir. These people have a short life span.  Indian Army and the Indian Security Forces show no mercy to any foreign militants, they are exterminated generally within one year of entering India. The local terrorists , when cornered are always given a chance to surrender with their weapons. Some do surrender and after due punishment as per the law get rehabilitated.

However more dangerous than the terrorists are the Separatists. They are Indian Nationals, living in the Indian State of J & K but for all purpose consider them to be a citizen of Pakistan. These shameless parasites have been living off the people of J& K since ages, leading a luxurious life but at the same time holding the people of the state to perpetual ransom. At the drop of a hat, they will call for a bandh, road blocks and exhort the youth to carry out stone pelting etc. Thus disrupting the life of the common people. The daily wage earners, shopkeepers, auto & taxi drivers, petty service providers, vendors, tour operators, school going children, patients requiring hospital visits, all remain at the mercy of these Separatists.

Now let’s take a look at the life style of these Separatist leaders .Recently there were many articles in the press where these separatists have been telling Kashmiris people not to send their children to army-run schools. They insisted that all these institutions were weaning the next generation away from their religion and cultural. On the other hand the family members and children of most of these separatists have got the best education, settled abroad and are eventually leading a luxurious life.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani, has   always goaded the youth of Kashmir to come out on the roads and leave their studies for a ‘bigger cause’, and exhorting them to take on the Security Forces through ‘stone-pelting’. He also had blamed the army run schools for indoctrination of young minds. His own son, Nayeem Geelani, is a medical practitioner in Rawalpandi, Pakistan. His other son, Zahoor, is a Manager level Officer in one of the private airlines in India. So Geelani is having the best of both the worlds. To further sweeten the family fortune, Geelani’s daughter is a teacher in Jeddah and her husband is an engineer there.

Earlier, this Pakistani backer, so called Hurriyat hawk Geelani had made a statement with a straight face “We are losing our next generation. We should never send our youth to these institutions. We need to see what sort of education these institutions are imparting to our children.” Irked and panicked due to their loosening parasitic grip by the efforts of Army to integrate Kashmiri students into the national mainstream, the Hurriyat hardliner started the false propaganda claiming that the army-run schools were engaged in “mischievous activities.” This is how they hoodwink the common people.

Here is a list of some of the Separatists enjoying the fruit of their movement:

Umer Dar and Adil Dar are studying in Pakistan. They are sons of Abdul Aziz Dar, a prominent leader of Geelani faction. Next Mariyam Andrabi, sister of head of the radical separatists Dukhtran-e-Millat Asiya Andrabi, along with her family lives in Malaysia. Asiya wanted to send her elder son to Malaysia for further studies, but he was denied a passport. Asiya’s elder son Mohammed Bin Qasim was pursuing Bachelors of Information Technology at Islamic University of Malaysia and now is in Australia for further studies. Imagine the money being spent on fees, accommodation and living expenses in Australia, a very expensive country.

Mohammed Ashraf Sehrai, a general secretary of the Geelani faction, also availed the best education for his son, Abid Sehari, who is a computer engineer in Dubai and earning lacs.

Ghulam Nabi Fall, the cousin of octagenarian separatist leader, and Rabia Farooq, sister of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, a doctor, live in London. While Ghulam Muhmaad Sumzi’s son Jugnu is a management student in Delhi, Rooma Maqbool, son of head of Mass Movement Farida Behanjee, lives and works as a medical practitioner in South Africa. Iqbal and Bilal, sons of head of the Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party Hashim Qureshi, live in London. Sarwar Yaqub, son of a spokesman for the Geelani faction, Ayaz Akbar, is a management student in Pune.

Hurriyat leaders are all scared of the army schools as they promote a “sense of nationalism” among Kashmiri children. With things improving in the Valley, people seeing through the false game of these Hurriyat Separatists there is mass panic among the Separatists. They will now try once again to promote clashes between students and the security forces during which many innocent civilians will get injured. Then these parasites will be able to perpetuate their hold once again and try to carry on as earlier. The great game is finally coming to an end.