Separatists Threaten India With Nuclear Strike, They Need To Pray For Pakistan...

Separatists Threaten India With Nuclear Strike, They Need To Pray For Pakistan Instead



Pakistan has been running around and shouting itself hoarse that India is not ready to even acknowledge the existence of Pakistan. It is urging Uncle Sam and all others, even when those countries are ignoring Pakistan, to pressurise India for Talks.

The Government of India has rightly said that the problem as existing in Kashmir Valley is totally an internal matter of India. Talks will be held with all those Kashmiris who are ready for it under the provisions of our Constitution and the laid down law of the land. Terrorists and Separatists have no place in such talks unless they first surrender and lay down their arms.  Kashmir is an integral part of India and thus non-negotiable.  Yes India will talk to Pakistan but the talks will be regarding the time frame for vacation of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, cross border trade, sharing of water and all other things under the sky which two good neighbours should talk about.

In Kashmir, a few externally funded group in the guise of religious leaders and students and others are protesting in the streets, causing civil unrest and ­demanding azadi .Terrorists are of course terrorising the entire state and holding everyone at ransom. While Mirwaiz Umer Farooq of the All Parties’ Hurriyat Conference, a Separatist Organisation from its intent, said that New Delhi knows what to talk about in Jammu and Kashmir, but wants to avoid dialogue. “It is not a question of whom to talk to, but what to talk about,” says Mirwaiz. So dear Mirwaiz read the above paragraphs and you will know with whom the Government will hold talks with. Certainly not with the terrorists and certainly not with Pakistan and certainly not with Separatists till they swear by the Constitution of India.

Now the politicians of all hew in Kashmir are worried lot, they better be. Looking at the sporadic orchestrated protests in Kashmir, given wide publicity by the press, some people have been saying that those out in the streets have been radicalised beyond the control of separatist leaders and political parties. They see anarchy on the ground.  Certainly bad leadership at the political level, poor administration, rampant corruption and false promises of Azadi by the Separatists will naturally radicalise a young aspiring population.

No doubt the situation is serious. The people are fed up with their life held at ransom by the terrorists and the separatists, and with so many uncertainties shown earlier by various Governments at the Centre and the State. People of Kashmir want it to end. They have been living for decades in the midst of political conflict in the world’s most beautiful place. There seems to be hardly any future   to the various aspirations of the youth and there is sense of frustration especially among the youngsters. They will obviously react to it—even violently and radically sometimes.

Now for the first time the Government at the Centre seems to be determined and clearly articulated that there will be no appeasement of the terrorists and the Separatists.  The young people of Kashmir should neither be afraid of these separatists nor get swayed by them. Action plan is on for development of Kashmir and the process of creating new opportunities have commenced.

There is an obvious context to what is happening here. Kashmir is a political problem about the political sentiments and aspirations of the masses, including the youth.   The New Delhi acknowledges this and has decided to address it. So the first step is containment of all terrorist activities and separatist activities. This will happen through a combination of military action against cross border   infiltration, tightening of the anti-terrorist grid within the valley, Cordon operations by the military and search operations inside the cordon by the Central Security Forces and the J& K Police.  The next step is tightening and detailed scrutiny of all types of funding to various groups, political parties , NGOs and institutions within J&K .  Then is tightening of the administration, fighting corruption on war footing, and finally the development plank. This development needs to be well planned, suited to local conditions but as part of the National Development with stoppage of all leakages The ground situation will automatically start changing. This in fact has started happening.

Meanwhile the Centre will talk to  all and sundry who are  pro-India Political Parties,  politicians, Student leaders, Community leaders  all those who  talk of self-rule and autonomy and other such things but under the Constitution.

For a permanent solution and just resolution of the Kashmir dispute India has to one day get back POK back from Pakistan. However for that we have to wait for a more opportune time. The way Pakistan is going down the path of economic bankruptcy, may be that day is not far off or one day we will do it militarily.  So India clearly knows that it can talk to Pakistan only regarding that part of Kashmir that is under Pak occupation and nothing else.  Pakistan through its brutal action in 1947 – 48, not only captured a part of Kashmir but also created a human tragedy as well, with families and friends divided by the Line of Control and held hostage to terrorism by Pakistan.

New Delhi is ready to invite Hurriyat for a dialogue, in case it renounces Separatism and is ready to talk under the frame work of the Constitution.  Though when asked about it, it seems Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz remained evasive as usual. He said that it was a speculative question. As per him in a democracy government should not believe in holding people against their will by its might.  Mirwaiz you are absolutely right. In a democracy government listens to the majority and all Indians say that they will not allow Pakistan to take away a single inch of India. They are ready to defend India against anyone.

It is clear that Hurriyat does not have any roadmap for the dialogue in spite three rounds of talks held earlier with the government of India. For them things have not changed since then…..separatism remains the only theme.

People of the State of Kashmir are still left in the cold by the Hurriyat with faith in the Separatists totally shattered. It is the fear of the terrorist guns which is blocking their future. With greed for wealth, good life and power they have continued to hold the situation highly confrontational .So the Indian government has taken a proper stand against the terrorists and the separatists and hardened its resolve not to yield to any blackmail by these fringe elements.

The Indian government also rightly objects to CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) as it goes through Gilgit-Baltistan. India has to defend its Sovereignty from all angles and at all cost. As it is the hollowness of the OBOR initiative is now there for all to see. With India backing out no amount of convincing or bluster  by Beijing is going to help this project achieving its final aim. This step was also necessary to keep out China from poking its nose in Kashmir.

The Separatist leadership till now believed that the Central Government lacked will power and had no concrete plans to take on the terrorists and the fringe elements.. So these chaps apart from stone pelting, at times resorted to raising Chinese or ISIS flags just to cause irritation and to show that these were civil protests. They never missed Friday , important National and State days and certain anniversaries Aim always remained  to  indicate to the outside world  a mass rebellion by  entire population  at all levels. Though till now they have not succeeded in fooling anyone except themselves. It is only a handful of Separatists and Paki supporters who are exp­ressing their outrage against the status quo in which they are trapped since 1947.  However as a consequence of this status quo the entire people of Kashmir are suffering and being held at ransom.

Time has come for all Kashmiris to show boldness and stop being afraid of these separatists and terrorists. The main stream political parties of J &K must work unitedly by setting aside petty political issues ……PDP, National Conference, BJP, Congress, Left Parties and all others.  They must work towards consolidating democratic rule over Jammu & Kashmir and served its interests in utter disregard of the threats from the terrorists and the separatists.

The army chief has rightly and clearly warned protesters against going near operational sites during anti-terrorist operations. The state government too has asked protesters to stay away. People still going to these places will naturally be treated as supporters of terrorists and separatists and will be dealt accordingly as per the laid down law of the land.

The grim ground reality of Kashmir is that the ordinary people are made to defend militants trapped at encounter sites under threat to them and their families. The consequences are often fatal to the Army and the Security Forces because while trying to avoid casualties to the ordinary civilians they unnecessarily expose themselves to the terrorist bullets. So even while the terrorists are finally killed, Army and Security Forces too suffer casualties.  At times even civilians get killed in crossfire and mainly by terrorist fire. While the Pakistan government and their media, reflecting their open hostility towards the people of India go full blast in their anti-India propaganda.

Seeing the determination of Government of India, Government of J& k, the Indian Army, the Indian Security Forces (BSF, CRPF, ITBP, and SSB), Indian Intelligence Agencies, the J& k Police in tackling the situation and with no talks with Pakistan, terrorists and the Separatists, these elements are totally rattled. Pakistan is running around like a headless chicken and it threatening India with a nuclear strike has become a joke. However it really tickles when even a Hurriyat chap, probably Mirwaiz, Umar, who in a recent interview has tried to threaten India by saying that NO TALKS will lead to Nuclear War. Well you never know, there may be a nuclear war so Mirwaiz please start praying for the people of Pakistan because that country will certainly fail to exist after a nuclear strike by India.

Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Veteran