Dassault Aviation in talks with India over a second Batch of Rafales.

Dassault Aviation in talks with India over a second Batch of Rafales.


India is fully aware of its needs and knows how to get it. So where as Americans are thinking that India will fall in their trap and buy the old vintage F16s . Similarly Sweden thinks that India may fall for the Swedish Grippens. However Indians know what to do , we have full faith in our TEJAS. Over a period IAF will acquire 2x Squadrons of TEJAS MK1 , 4x TEJAS MK1A , 6x TEJAS MK2 and 12x TEJAS MK3 and may be even 6X TEJAS MK4. Just wait for next 15 years , this will happen ……its a prophesy .

However , IAF needs to increase its Squadron  strength to 45 at the earliest and then gear up for a two front war with atleast 63 Squadrons. Knowing that our own AMCA is still on the drawing boards and will take some more time for the first flight, IAF is looking up for a few more of fighters in this category. It is trying to beef up the three MIG 29 squadrons by purchasing a few from may be Malaysia and then upgrading them. Similarly the two Mirage 2000 Squadrons may be increased to three or four Squadrons . Then soon we should start getting the two Rafale Squadrons . So actually if the French are smart and offer a “good “ deal  to India , they may be able to sell two to four more Squadrons of Rafale  to India. Though Russians may turnout to be smarter and offer MIG 35 with so much sweeteners that India may agree to buy up to six squadrons instead of additional Rafales.

Though the  French  Dassault Aviation SA sees a new sale contract for its Rafale fighter jet in 2018 . Chief executive officer Eric Trappier talked of this in an interview with French regional newspaper Sud-Quest on Sunday. “After a contract signed in India, regarding the delivery of 36 Rafale jets, and the order of 24 of these aircraft by Egypt and 24 other by Qatar, we should soon conclude a fourth contract abroad, but it will rather be in 2018.”

Dassault Aviation is also in talks with India over a potential second contract, Trappier added. “We’re notably in talks with Malaysia over 18 aircraft, but also with India over a second contract,” the plane-maker’s CEO said. “India’s needs are enormous. Hence, for its navy, 57 aircraft are considered,” he added.

Rafale is seen as frontrunner in Malaysia, after the sale to Egypt and Qatar,as the country looks to replace its fleet of MIG 29 . A deal to sell 18 jets could potentially be more than S2 billion.