Separatists In Kashmir Will Be Treated like IS and Al-Qaeda Vermins

Separatists In Kashmir Will Be Treated like IS and Al-Qaeda Vermins


In a recent incident reported from the Kashmir Valley , some suspected militants asked people not to carry Pakistani flags and instead asked them to hoist black flags, similar to that of the ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Aware of the fact that the whole world despises both these outfits to the hilt, the Pakistani backed Separatists were totally alarmed. knowing that in case their links with such outfits becomes known to the rest of the Kashmiris and the World , then they will not be offered even a spoon of water anywhere. Thus the joint separatist leadership in Kashmir immediately distanced itself from global jihadi outfits like ISIS and Al Qaeda . These Pakistani financed Stooges also added that their so called freedom struggle was totally indigenous…..what a joke.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik who have been living a luxurious life by bleeding the people of Kashmir made a statement that not only their so called freedom struggle was indigenous but was poles apart from any terrorism. These thugs then went on to blame the National agencies out to malign their separatist movement under a well thought out plan.

Knowing that now their game is up , they are terrified that in case their link with ISIS is established then they will have no face left to show it to the common people of Kashmir. So they have quickly announced that “Our movement has nothing to do with these world-level groups and practically they are nonexistent in the state. There is no role for these groups in our movement.

Geelani, Mirwaiz and Malik, need to be assured that if they are a separatists and have no faith in the Indian Constitution ,then their feeling will be reciprocated in the similar manner by rest of the Indians…….ie they will have NO PLACE in India which very much includes Kashmir right up to Gilgit and Baltistan. Pakistan or China or any other power in the world will not be able to separate any part of Kashmir from India. Every Separatist when assured of this fact and will be able to die a peaceful death.