Time To Unite And Remove The Few Rotten Apples From Kashmir ...

Time To Unite And Remove The Few Rotten Apples From Kashmir Martyrdom Of Lt Ummer Fayaz Will Be Avenged


The martyrdom of Lt Ummer Fayaz Will be avenged by the Indian Army at all costs. Now time has also come for all the nationalist forces to unite and defeat , once for all, the sinister designs of Pakistan which keeps sending terrorists to carry out killing and destruction in the vale of Kashmir and keep boiling the bogey of so-called Kashmir issue .

Though Pakistan is fully aware that it cannot wrest the State of Jammu & Kashmir from India by any means whatsoever. These few rotten scums have to be actually removed from the soil of Kashmir.

The foreign terrorists have to be simply hunted like mad dogs and killed. Local terrorists to be given a firm and final date to surrender with their weapons , face the due process of law and get rehabilitated. After the expiry of firm date all those bearing weapons to be hunted down .
Then there are a handful with nefarious designs who keep raising the bogey of so called Kashmir issue only to promote their agenda , at the cost of the common people.

Thus all those who openly denounce the Constitution of India to be treated as Separatists and they all to be arrested and repatriated to Pakistan and Pakistan should be willing to take them.

However we know that not a single Separatist will be accepted by Pakistan, so they will have to be kept in special detention centres .Their names should then be handed over to the UNHRCP . UN can then ask if any other country is willing to take them as refugees under the 1951 Refugee Convention.

There should be no more appeasement or tolerance for such people. Apart from the above , all other dissenters across the political spectrum ,to be given full freedom as available under our Indian Constitution and the law of the land , to voice their dissent and grievances.

The leaders of organised dissenting Parties must be invited for talks and encouraged to join the political process to bring whatever change which is required within the frame work of the Indian Constitution.

All opinion makers in the society, have a significant responsibility to play as a part of their duty and obligation to Mother India. Thus there is a need to start a campaign not only across the state of J & K but the entire country to mobilise the public opinion in this regard and to educate the masses about the various facts and evidences of history. The people of the state must also be educated about various developmental measures being taken by the Centre for them. Saner voices have to assert themselves and denounce the terrorists and Separatists every time they do a dastardly act.

Also the entire nation must say in one voice that even the Appeasers present within us will not be tolerated . Killing of Lt Fayaz is not an Act of Terror , it is an Act of War. And the war has been declared on India and its not only a war to be fought just by the Armed Forces and the Central Security Forces and the State Police but by the Nation. So till Pakistan stops terrorism , no meeting of PMs, Ministers etc also no cricket , movies or Aman ki Asha or tamasha etc….We should not act in any manner that insults the martyrdom of our Soldiers because now they are very angry . They are not going to spare the terrorists and the separatists but go after them . Even the Appeasers of all varieties be warned of the anger of Soldiers. Terrorists will be hunted down by the Army. Separatists will be arrested by the Central Security Forces. Over Ground workers will be identified and arrested by the State Police, and Appeasers will be dealt by the people of India. Meanwhile talks will start but only with Kashmiris and not Pakistan or their supporters of any hue or colour.