Separatist Geelani Urges Kashmiri’s Not To Send Children To Army-run schools :...

Separatist Geelani Urges Kashmiri’s Not To Send Children To Army-run schools : People Asking Where His Kids Studied


Due to so called leaders like SYED Ali Shah Geelani , at least two whole generations in Kashmir lost their childhood and then their youth and even now these hard line separatists are not ready to allow them to return to normal life.

This Geelani chap who has been inciting the people of Kashmir to separate out from India and merge into Pakistan has simply sold his soul . Students want to go to school , Geelani and his handfuls get these schools burnt .

Whereas his own family kids must have gone to best of the schools ,outside the state or even outside the country……..but surely not to Pakistan. Now he and his goons are blaming the Indian Army . Army has been running schools in areas where the terrorists have burnt the government schools .

Geelani you may keep blaming the army-run schools for indoctrination of students in Kashmir Valley and keep saying that these institutions are making children indifferent towards their religion and culture. The Army is not bothered and will keep running these schools . Children will keep coming to these schools and their parents will keep sending them. You and your chamchas will not be able to do a fig about it.

Geelani the hypocrite urged parents to avoid these institutions. “For petty material gains, we are losing our next generation,” Geelani said in a statement on Friday and asked parents to keep a watch and be careful about their children’s future. As per him parents should never send their children to these institutions because these institutions are not imparting good education to the children. For the betterment of our youngsters, instead he has asked every one to seek admission in other institutions of choice, run by prominent and well-known organizations. Well Geelanaji the whole world now knows about the terrorist run indoctrination camps and they are conveniently called Madrasas .

Geelani , rest be assured no Kashmiri is listening to you, though Pakistan Govt must be applauding your statement . expressed apprehension over reports of “mischievous activities” of the Goodwill institutions run by forces and said that “a nation pursuing freedom struggle can never make occupiers the custodian of their future generations.”

“They are killing, maiming and blinding us and how obsolete and obscure it is to trust these and handover our future to their custody,’’ Geelani said.

A large number of children from civilian areas attend the army-run schools. While most schools remained closed for six months due to unrest in 2016, army schools functioned normally.

Geelani’s statement drew the required reaction from Jammu and Kashmir deputy chief minister Dr Nirmal Kumar Singh . He lambasted the hardliner for spreading false propaganda against army Goodwill schools in Kashmir of “indoctrinating” Kashmiri students under the garb of quality education. Nirmal Singh rightly said that these are the same people who burnt government schools. Their own children study in best of the institutions in foreign countries and elite schools like DPS. For the children of poor people for whom our army, police and other security forces have opened schools so that they too can progress and grow, they (separatists) pick holes and find faults .The deputy CM recalled how separatists engineered trouble last year and torched government schools in Kashmir that caused loss of studies to the children for nearly five months.

Centre and state government are working in tandem and the situation will definitely be controlled in Kashmir. Pakistan and Geelanis can keep shouting , keep yelling but now people of Kashmir are no more supporting them. It is just a matter of time when full sanity and normalcy will return to the Valley.