Woman burnt alive

Woman burnt alive


Source : TOI

MUMBAI: Amravati Harijan is currently fighting for her life at Masina Hospital, because she stood up to the man who was sexually harassing her daughter.

Deepak Jeth (25), allegedly poured petrol on her and set her on fire. Amravati has suffered 94 per cent deep burns on her body. According to police, Jeth, would stalk and flash his private parts at Amravati’s daughter, even after repeated attempts were made by her to stop him.

The incident took place on April 14, at Ganesh Nagar in Bandra, at around 11am when Amravati’s 18-year-old daughter was sitting outside her home.

“That day I was sitting outside when he came and flung petrol on my body. Before he could light a fire I ran away screaming for help. I poured water on my body and washed away the petrol. I came back within a few minutes and saw my mother on fire, another family friend, and her two-yearold daughter was also on fire. I was shocked to see the scene,” said Jyoti (name changed to protect identity)

The other two victims, Kanta and her two-year-old daughter, Angel have been admitted to Sion hospital with 35 per cent burns.

Jeth has been arrested by Bandra police and charged with attempt to murder.

When this reporter visited Masina Hospital at Byculla, Amravatil was in considerable pain, yet she gathered her will to speak. “I want to see him hanged. He should pay the price for what he has done to me and my family,” she said.

Dr Suhas Abhyankar, consultant plastic surgeon says, “Amravati is currently on non-invasive ventilation. She is not in a condition to be put on anaesthesia.”

Doctors say Amravati may need cadaveric skin donation for grafting, in order to make a full recovery. Her medical bills have already raked up to Rs 18 lakh, and the grafting procedure will be twice as expensive.

Jyoti and her two younger brothers arerunning from pillar to post to pay her mother’s medical bills. Jyoti’s father, a gardener by profession, is also looking for ways to help.

Advocate Audrey Dmello, Programme Director, Majlis Legal Centre, an NGOthat works for women, has called this incident a failure of the police system. “A year ago one of the neighbours had informed the police about the sexual harassment. Police just slapped him and let him go. Why didn’t they insure safety of the girl?”