Watch: “Tolerant” Police Unable to Stop Man Armed With Pipe

Watch: “Tolerant” Police Unable to Stop Man Armed With Pipe


Watch: “Tolerant” Police Unable to Stop Man Armed With Pipe

We’ve often been told by anti-police activists that law enforcement needs to become more “tolerant,” more community-oriented, less concerned with confronting individuals who they feel might pose a danger to others.

Where does that lead? Well, a viral video reportedly originating out of the United Kingdom showed exactly what happens when that sort of theory is put into practice.

As the Birmingham Mail noted, almost no police officers in Great Britain carry guns. (This policy is different in Northern Ireland, for obvious reasons.) The only way that most officers can carry a gun is if they can prove they need one — and that accounts for just 4.4 percent of all police officers.

However, not carrying a gun isn’t the only way that they try to be more “tolerant” than their American counterparts, as you can see here:

As the video shows, this is 11 police officers against one man with a pipe. And what do they do? They back away at every opportunity.

And keep in mind, even though they don’t have firearms, they still have batons they could use to neutralize and arrest this man. However, even though he’s clearly dangerous, they give him room.

What if he escaped? What if he hurt someone else? Is that protecting and serving?

The video was originally posted by Wyral onto Facebook last Sunday, and it’s gotten almost 6 million views already.

Now, keep in mind that we cannot verify the veracity of this video, or where it’s from. However, if it’s a fake, it’s a darned good one.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that when London terrorist Khalid Masood was gunned down after his attack on Parliament in March, it wasn’t by a police officer, but by a member of British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon’s security detail, according to the U.K. Mirror. Unfortunately, Masood was able to kill a police officer before he was shot dead.

That’s what happens when you don’t empower law enforcement to enforce laws, but instead want them to be “tolerant.” Woe be unto us if that mentality ever takes hold here.

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