Calls to Ban “Shariyya Barbarians” Are Coming from a Shocking Source

Calls to Ban “Shariyya Barbarians” Are Coming from a Shocking Source


Calls to Ban “Shariyya Barbarians” Are Coming from a Shocking Source

“We can’t change their society,” he said, highlighting the way radical Muslims routinely murder homosexuals. “We in the West always want to fix the problem. We always think that it is fixable. We always believe that we should be able to do something about it. Well, not in certain societies.”

“I am referring to the Muslim world,” He added. “To the world of Islam. We will not be able to change them, but we have to protect our world and our way of life as vigorously as they protect their way of life. And yes, immigration is a problem.”

It’s a big problem — one that President Donald Trump has repeatedly tried to address via the implementation of a moratorium on immigration from nations with intrinsic ties to radical Islam, but to no avail, primarily because of obstructionism by liberal activist judges.

As for Lucas, this was not his first time speaking out against radical Islam. In a column published by Out magazine two years ago, he asked, “Where is the outrage for gays killed by ISIS?”

And in another interview with Klein recorded last year, Lucas bluntly stated that “Islam hates women — it vomits on women, it vomits on gays, on anything that is different.”

Interestingly, this attitude of hatred and intolerance is shared by many on the Democrat left, who have repeatedly savaged Lucas in forum threads and columns for daring to speak out against radical Islam.

“But with all seriousness, Muslim immigration is a problem,” Lucas concluded in his interview with Klein. “They come here, they lobby, they bring hate.”

And sadly, sometimes this hate seeps into other segments of the population.

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