Must Watch: China’s Crackdown On Its Muslim Population

Must Watch: China’s Crackdown On Its Muslim Population


China’s Crackdown On Its Muslim Population

China’s Crackdown: Muslims make up the majority of China’s province of Xinjiang. Following Uyghur protests, China has cracked down on its native Muslim population, with no consideration for Human Rights in its campaign of oppression.

Xinjiang province has long been the site of ethnic tensions between the Uighur population and Chinese rule. Amid fears that fanatical Uighurs are aligning with foreign extremists, the state crackdown is fiercer than ever.

“A normal person wouldn’t raise a butcher’s knife to the elderly and children. Can we still call them human beings?”, asks policeman Ainiding Memtimin.

In May he was on the scene when a group of extremists threw explosives into a busy Urumqi marketplace, killing 39 people. A Uighur himself, like most locals he is baffled by such drastic violent acts. Yet the tensions that have simmered in this region are sitting on a knife edge.

China is an atheist country run by an atheist government who believes that all religions are terrorists, so when the Chinese say that they are killing terrorists they are really killing anybody from Islam at will. You’ll see photos of my video how they beat woman’s with batons I do not see Pakistanis calling on their government to throughout the Chinese out of their country, but when the West does anything against Islam they want to kill all Westerners, but when the Chinese do it it seems like is okay with the Pakistani people.