MADE IN INDIA….Self Help to Address India’s Anaemic Women and Children

MADE IN INDIA….Self Help to Address India’s Anaemic Women and Children


Pioneering Effort by IIT Kharagpur

Using Extrusion Technology, a research team led by Shri H N Mishra and Shri Chandrakant Dalbhagat from the Department of Agricultural & Food Engineering, IIT Khgaragpur have pioneered the action as a major solution to resolve the Anaemia problem affecting a vast population of Indian women and children. The Food Chemistry & Technology Laboratory of the Department has strived hard to develop a process technology for production of Ready To Cook iron fortified rice from broken rice kernels.

The process first prepares the rice kernels fortified with iron. There after this mixture which has iron content of 600 to 800 mg per 100 gm, is added to normal rice in the ratio of 1:100 by weight and packaged. This not only enhances the nutritional value of the rice and at the same time it has no effect on the Taste, looks, smell or the cooking parameters. In fact all the characteristics of the iron fortified rice is fully comparable with any of the normal variety of rice.

IIT Kharagpur has already established a Pilot Production Facility which has commenced producing 100 kg per day of Iron Fortified rice kernel premix. Per Kg cost of premix comes to only 75 paise. This means that cost of 100Kg of rice will increase by just 75 paise!!! The equipment is indigenously designed and fabricated, so it is perfect Made In India. IIT Kharagpur has already applied for a Patent and waiting for its commercialization…. to be achieved soon by the National Government.