VIDEO: Muslim student tells Prof she wants him dead -watch what happened...

VIDEO: Muslim student tells Prof she wants him dead -watch what happened next!


David Horowitz at UCSD 5 10 2010 Hosted by Young Americans for Freedom and DHFC. The debate was all going well until this young Muslim woman living in the United States stood up and decided to ask him one last question. The crowd was left astonished at what she said. She said she wanted to
kill the professor”!

Speaker David Horowitz during the Q & A portion of a lecture he gave at UC San diego was confronted by a Muslim student form the crowd. In her opening the student mentions the annual Hitler Youth Youth Week(link at bottom) where they parade around campus in Muslim garb with a God Bless Hitler sign. When asked if she would condemn Hamas, an organization denounced by the United States, Canada, the European Union, Japan and Isreal as a terrorist organization, she is unable to condemn it. Finally when asked if she is for or against Hezbollah a paramilitary organization that has been condemned as a terrorist organization by most Western nations and even some Arab nations, and whose leader has said he wants to exterminate the Jewish people, she admits she is for it.

The student has apologized for her statements, claiming she did not fully understand or hear the question that had been asked of her, but she was standing right in front of Horowitz, and she heard every other thing he said.

Not only that, but the malice on her face when she leaned forward and said “For it,” was as clear as day. It looked like she wished death on the Jewish man, but now she’s claiming she misunderstood. I’m sure not many people believe her.

“Had I understood the nature of the question,” the Muslim woman stated, “I would never have responded the way that I did, by providing an answer that misrepresented my beliefs.” Probably due to the fact that what she said brought huge criticism of her.

A UCSD spokesperson also issued a statement, “At UCSD, we strongly condemn any suggestion that violence, especially genocidal violence, is a legitimate political tool. We firmly believe that this one student’s opinion is not representative of the opinions of the majority of our student body.”

UCSD’S Muslim Student Association also released a response, saying no individual student speaks for the entire group.