VIDEO: Donald Trump HUMILIATES Pro-Muslim liberal idiot!

VIDEO: Donald Trump HUMILIATES Pro-Muslim liberal idiot!


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a noted Muslim sympathizer as well as someone who has been openly critical of Donald Trump both before and after the election.

When meeting with her today and asked by Merkel if he would like a handshake photo, Trump simply looked at the ground and then his staff asked the press to leave the room…

Trump’s stance against Muslims is at the root of the problem between these two as well as a difference on trade.

During the campaign, Trump pointed specifically to the open-door policy Germany has for allowing refugees to run rampant within its borders.

Merkel countered him on several occasions, voicing her disappointment the United States was now taking such a hardline stance against allowing refugees to come into the country while at the same time seeing lives lost in her own country at the hands of radical Islamists.

In his role as president, Trump will have to deal with people he does not like, and this would seem to be one of those occasions.

Trump says all the right things when he is asked openly about Merkel, telling the press he respects her as a leader, but the fact she is allowing so many refugees within her borders is obviously a problem for him.

Merkel is going to have a hard time living this one down, and I think the look on her face during the post-meeting press conference showed that she is just as uncomfortable around Trump as he is around her.

I have no doubt this will provide more fodder for the liberal press, but Trump is Trump, and if he does not agree with this woman, he is going to let that be known.

Having said all that, I believe Trump will work with Merkel to ensure the relationship between the countries remains on good terms, but in all honesty, these two leaders are literally and figuratively worlds apart in how they look at these two hot button issues, meaning trade and refugees.

I would not be expecting a lovefest anytime soon.