MuslismCouple forced to apologise as video of hug goes viral

MuslismCouple forced to apologise as video of hug goes viral


Muslim Couple forced to apologise as video of hug goes viral

Hugging his girlfriend after proposing to her on bended knee in public has landed a Bhiwandi man, and also the woman, in trouble with local leaders of their community.

Someone shot a video of the romantic act that went viral on social media, prompting a virulent reaction against the young couple. The man was made to apologise on video, which was posted online, and a local organisation threatened further humiliation, promising that it will make him and his lover do squats in public.

The hateful reaction to a simple expression of love has traumatised the couple and those among their friends who were present during the proposal. Feeling unsafe, the couple has left the city.

“We are upset. My daughter has threatened to commit suicide if the harassment does not stop,” the woman’s father told TOI. “It’s unethical of some people to react in this way over a silly mistake.”

Last Saturday (March 11), Salim, along with a friend, drove down to Shabnam’s college to meet her (names changed to protect identities). Seeing her, he stopped the car in the middle of the road, got out and rushed towards her with a rose. Then he proposed the old fashioned way, with friends cheering on and applauding.

Their nightmare started the next day when they realised that a video of their act had been shot and uploaded online. Along with it was the message that everyone involved in the matter should be punished as the act was against the tenets of their religion.

Shakeel Raza, secretary, Raza Academy, which forced the apology, told TOI, “We only made the couple realise their mistake and asked them to apologise for whatever they did publicly.”