VIDEO: This is what Muslims are forcing Christians to do -SHOCKING!!

VIDEO: This is what Muslims are forcing Christians to do -SHOCKING!!


Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal minions are constantly saying that Muslim “refugees” are peaceful people who pose no threat to the U.S. However, the reality is that Muslim migrants will never be satisfied until they have forced the U.S. to submit to Shariah law.

The disturbing video below shows a group of Muslims surround a Christian and attack him publicly in Dearborn, Michigan. The city of Dearborn has been completely taken over by Muslims in recent years, as it has been overrun by refugees.

We can only hope that Donald Trump follows through with his promise to do something about the Muslim refugee problem our country is facing. SHARE this story if you want Muslim migrants OUT of the U.S.!

Not only Americans, it is time the whole world understood the real face of Muslim immigrants. It is always the same story. First create a war. Then send over refugees of the war, who are actually terrorists and support organisations like ISIS and Al Qaida. Then these people slowly start to breed like pigs in the country in which they enter. While at the same time they beg us for benefits and take away all the money we pay as tax as benefits for themselves. Then they hold rallies demanding Sharia law to be implemented. Killing all men and raping all women who oppose. If some liberal idiots cannot see this trend it is time we make sure they do! We do not have much time, we should join to protest and throw out these filthy pigs from our countries.


The biggest problem with the liberals is that they know nothing about Islam and Muslims. It seems as though they support Muslims just to oppose the conservative people. They should know that not wearing a burkha amounts to adultry as per Islam and they should be stoned to death!