Baba Ramdev EXPOSES Zakir Naik!

Baba Ramdev EXPOSES Zakir Naik!



Zakir Naik (born 18 October 1965) is an Indian Islamic preacher, and the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). He is also the founder of the “comparative religion” Peace TV channel through which he reaches a reported 100 million viewers. He has been called an “authority on comparative religion”, “perhaps the most influential Salafi ideologue in India”, “the rock star of tele-evangelism and a proponent of modern Islam” and “the world’s leading Salafi evangelist”. Unlike many Islamic preachers, his lectures are colloquial, given in English, not Urdu or Arabic, and he wears a suit and tie rather than traditional garb. 

Before becoming a public speaker, he trained as a medical doctor. He has published booklet versions of lectures on Islam and comparative religion. Although he has publicly disclaimed sectarianism in Islam, he is regarded by some as an exponent of the Salafi ideology, and, by some, as a radical Islamic televangelist propagating Wahhabism. His preaching is currently banned in India, Bangladesh, Canada and the United Kingdom. He is said to have more critics within the Islamic community than those outside it.

Zakir Naik is very well known for quoting verses from various scriptures of all religions. Recently, it has been observed that Zakir Naik has been quoting several examples from the Vedas to prove Islam is the ultimate faith. Many Hindus have been fooled to convert into Islam and trapped in Zakir Naik’s words because of such quotes from other religions.

Baba Ramdev has now taken it upon himself to expose how Zakir Naik is nothing less than a fraud. All the verses he quotes from the Vedas are out of context or have been grossly misinterpreted and misunderstood by Zakir Naik.

Have a look at this short video where Baba Ramdev has exposed Zakir Naik’s fraud: