Why soldiers get so angry about this “stolen valor” thing ?

Why soldiers get so angry about this “stolen valor” thing ?


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Why give the effort to prove someone wrong when you can just walk away? If you are in the military and sense the guy is lying why make a big deal out of it?

Christopher Witman, Spent almost 3 years active duty and another 8 reserve. MOS 11Bravo

If you were walking past Arlington Cemetery, or a even a cemetery where someone you knew or loved was buried and you saw someone pissing on their headstone would you seriously just walk away?
Because every time some douchbag who wants to go out in public wearing a uniform for a service he was never in. That’s exactly what he is doing. He is unzipping his fly and taking a long piss on their gravestone.
Sorry. Most of us cant stand for that. Some of us, including myself, may have never been in combat or been on active duty post 9/11, but we
Certainly respect those that did
Sure as shit respect all of those that gave their lives
We at least at one point wore the uniform. No one has the right to take that away.
As for the cameras, two things.
They are always available. People record everything these days. Use your imagination on that.
A lot of these guys are “repeat” offenders. So much so that there are now websites owned by former navy SEALs and other SF units that do nothing but track down the worst offenders.
Oh yeah, almost forgot. Its a crime!
Quite honestly, anyone caught should be thankful that their face only ends up on youtube and not in the emergency room.

Mario Stradale, I was a Lance Missile Section Commander in the Italian Army
Written 13 Aug 2016
Because soldiering is a hard job where men and women forge relationships under unusual stresses.
Even passing Basic is neither easy, nor everyone is capable of it. Furthering your career in the military means at times risking your life, eating shit with a spork daily, looking after other soldiers knowing they look after you.
When I joined, there wasn’t a single officer and trainer that believed I was capable of passing the grade. Every step of the way, I was told I had no military attitude, that my skills were under par, that I shouldn’t be in charge of men (it was men only in that army at the time).
Yet… Yet I proved them all wrong and my unit was the best around. True, I didn’t lord over my troops like a malevolent dictator because I didn’t think that as an office I was better than them. I felt I was “responsible” for them, but never better. I had a job, they had theirs. Together we became the best. When we marched, my guys were perfect. When we trained we beat the other squads by ages (I used to piss off this career First Lieutenant by coming back to camp way before his squad and having coffee ready. He never caught on that sometimes we beat him by mere seconds and we brewed coffee in the truck on the way — Instant coffee, still not an easy thing to do. )
As the commanding officer I was the last one to retire at night and the first to wake up in the morning. We’d end staff meetings at 4:00 only to be back at 6:00am shaved, dressed and ready to rock and roll.
Even in peacetime, I have had soldiers under my command die.
After all that, some civilian goes around making the claim of having sweat my sweat and felt my feelings? Fuck him.
Especially the special forces guys (few claim to have been Second Lieutenant in an artillery unit to seek glory, I presume), that have done 100 time what I did? They have a 100 more reasons to expose these frauds.
At the same time, I think they should be exposed but I don’t believe their lives should be turned upside down. Unless they are repeat offenders.
As far as I am concerned, I have no interest in unmasking these frauds, but I understand those that do.
Soldiers are not superhero and I am not the kind of guy that idolizes every one that has served. I have met my share of assholes in the Army. I also had friends that would have taken a bullet for me as I would have taken one for them. You really can’t explain that to a civilian. You have to have lived it.
I have always regretted not staying in longer. But you know those assholes I was talking about? If it wasn’t for them I would have staid.


You see this man above?
He has made a career out of piggybacking on Indian Army’s good name and uses clever rheortic and rabid nationalism to forward his businesses and name.
Do you notice the maroon beret with the insignia on it? To some of the civilians out here these things are merely symbols, of little value. What they don’t notice is that:
The sacrifices one has to make to earn these things. The maroon beret is earned, to wear it is a special privilege bestowed upon those who are motivated on the ‘crazy’ level to fight for their nation. Men wearing these badges sacrifice their lives on a daily basis in places like Kashmir, if you roam around wearing this kind of military paraphernalia, you are sullying the memory of these men, stealing glory which never was yours in the first place. Forget reporting you, I am going to punch you square in your face for it.
Wars and conflicts are much more than daily business to soldiers fighting them, friends are lost, innocence is lost. These experiences become personal to them, if I come across a Johnny wearing the uniform with all kinds of medals pinned on it and starts bragging about experiences he never had then it’s natural for me to take offence, it makes a mockery out of my work and what all I believe in, makes mockery of my fallen friends and their memories. It’s off course a big deal to me.
The uniform, the regimental colours, the insignias and the medals are some of the things which defines a soldier, symbolizing a rich history almost half a millennia old, a history replete with acts of valour and selflessness. When you put on a military uniform, you are in fact carrying this glorious legacy ahead, the responsibility of which is hard for civilians to understand. These things have to be earned, they represent your transition from a recruit to a soldier. We do not take them for granted and take pride in associating ourselves with such symbols. Hope people understand this.

You must have heard his name right?
Abhishek Shukla exposed the truth behind the World’s Best Commandos Mentor.
This guy tried to perform the background check on him & found that he has used name of army to grab the attention of people.
He is nothing but a martial arts expert.
He is a Youtuber who used Indian army as a marketing tool.
He is a fraud businessman.
* His real name is DEEPAK DUBEY.
* Shifuji is nothing.
Shifu means Guru & its a buddhist name but he always write Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj.
* Grandmaster used to boast about himself as WORLD’S BEST COMMANDER MENTOR,CHIEF MENTOR,TRAINER etc.
He asked Shifuji’s rank,unit & regiment but Grandmaster couldn’t tell about these things & accepted that he was never associated with armed forces & never been a commando trainer.
Refer this link – Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Confirmed He Is Not In Indian Army Never Trained Any Special Forces
* If he is not a soldier of Indian Army then Why does he wear the Balidan badge, MAARCOs Badge, Paramilitary Special Forces insignia, Maroon beret and army uniform ?
Who gave him the right to wear these things?
It’s against the law to wear these badges If you haven’t earned them.
He completely disrespected the Indian soldiers who earned them with their efforts & sacrifice.
* He describes himself as “Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj,Mission Prahar,Shaurya Bharadwaj,Black Cat Commandos, Indian MARCOS Commandos,Indian Special Forces“. He just gave a special martial arts training to mumbai police after 26/11 attacks in mumbai.
When he has never trained any special forces, why does he use their name in his website?
Also, Indian Army don’t recruit any private trainer or any civilian.
Elite special forces of Indian armed forces are trained by their experience senior officers only.
Two commandor trainers whom President has given permission are Mr. Deepak Rao & Mrs. Seema Rao.
* He also asked various ex-army officers including Major Gaurav Arya, Major Deepak Rao, & other higher authorities.
They refused to recognise him.
I have attached some screenshots regarding this.
Also read this Quora answer about him –
S. Anoop Kumar’s answer to Does exposing a fake commando trainer Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj ‘stolen valour make me Anti-national?
* He claims to be a FAKEER but charges 2 lakh for 1 hour lecture as donation for his Mission Parahar.
He demands for accomodation to be 5 star or above.
Elite vehicles like Mercedes, Audi should be arranged for local travel.
I have also attached screenshots as a proof.
* Article about him –
DefenceXP – What Is Stolen Valor ? Who Is Shifuji Shaurya? – DefenceXP
The Logical Indian – Shifuji: The Conman Who Country Thinks Is A War Hero And Indian Army’s Commando Trainer
Troll Indian Politics – FRAUD ” SHIFU JI ” Shaurya Bhardwaj Accepted He never Joined Army, Never Trained Commandos.
The Lallantop – न फौजी न कमांडो ट्रेनर, बहुत बड़ा फ्रॉड है ये शिफू
There are many such things about him.You can read them on Abhishek Shukla’s facebook profile & Youtube channel.
Youtube Channel for videos of proofs & decoding Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj : The Desi Superman – The Desi Superman
Video by Abhishek Shukla clearing all the doubts asked by a person on phone (MUST WATCH) – Abhishek Shukla – Some Ravi Chaudhary from Agra(number…
Now, You must have understood why Soldiers are angry?
I support Abhishek Shukla for this battle. 🙂
I request everyone to sign this petition against the improper use of MAARCOs badge, Balidan badge& Maroon beret – DGMO: The improper use of Elite Special Forces’ Balidan badge, Maroon Beret, Marcos badge
Everone who reads this post, Do share this & spread it as much as you can & contribute in revealing this scam.
Alan Cyr, 29 years in the Army National Guard, with 3 overseas tours in Iraq.

I am a retired National Guardsman with 29 years of service. I served 3 deployments overseas in Iraq between 2005 and 2011. The process of becoming a service member is quite a life changing experience. It typically involves going through a very arduous basic training period, that is very adventurous, sometimes terrifying, and completing it makes you a member of a very special group of people…For those in the full time military, it becomes a complete way of life. You make lifelong friends, and it becomes a very important part of your life and your personal identity. You will often serve in many parts of the world with close friends. Even in training, you will face difficult challenges with fellow service people, and become closely bonded with them. My experience during wartime was that service people became even closer, service people have such a bond that they would risk their lives to save a fellow service person. Sharing the rigors, facing the unknown together, all for a higher purpose-your country and fellow soldiers makes you part of a special class of citizens. Often, soldiers earn medals for their service, many are very proud of the units they served in. What rankles service people about those that “steal valor” is that the “thief” wears medals and patches that they didn’t earn through the hard sacrifice and terrifying experiences that service people went through to earn their pride, awards, or unit affiliation but rather lie about having done this to bask in the glow of attention. The thief isn’t part of their group, and didn’t have the courage to do what the service person has done. I have come to feel pity for the “thieves” of valor; many I have seen are often emotionally disturbed, or have weak self images. To better understand the feelings of service people, read a Theodore Roosevelt quote titled “The Critic”; it truly underscores the feelings of the service people who have “actually been in the arena”.
Edward Byron, Army Veteran, son of a Navy veteran.
Good name in man and woman, dear my lord,
Is the immediate jewel of their souls.
Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;
‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands;
But he that filches from me my good name
Robs me of that which not enriches him,
And makes me poor indeed.
Othello Act 3, scene 3, 155–161
And that is what these despicable hypocrites who lay claim to deeds and honor they never had are doing to everyone who has faithfully and courageously served his country.


Usually, the more animated or aggressive confrontations involve flagrant cases of Stolen Valor. And the veteran or service member doing the confrontation tends to have stronger feelings about
the issue. You’ll notice if you watch these type of videos the cameraman will often say they lost buddies who wore that uniform. Or they’ll point out that various medals, tabs, berets (etc.) have to be earned. That tells me that they don’t take this fakery lighlty. They’ve “been there, and done that,” in other words. They understand the deeper meaning.
You also don’t see all the interactions that go on, all around the country, that aren’t recorded. I’ve come across this nonsense a few times and I didn’t personally make a huge scene or record it. But, it still irritated me and I will admit that. I don’t know why it is so galling. But it is.
I’ll give you one example.
I used to frequent a local business that gave a discount to military personnel. This was for active duty, not vets. So, this didn’t apply to me as I seperated from the service more than 10 years ago. Not a big deal. I don’t carry my DD-214, nor do I have a VA card, and I don’t generally look for these kinds of discounts anyway. But, this one fellow would come in on a regular basis as well, wearing his shitty-ass uniform, in order to get the discount. He was older, yet he was wearing specialist rank, he was also overweight and was stretching that top to the point his buttons were about to pop off. He was also wearing the wrong boots, haircut not within regs, etc. He was obviously not active duty military.
So, rather than confront this d-bag. I simply went to the store manager and asked if they give military discount. She said they did. I then asked if they ask for ID. She said they usually do but if people come in uniform her staff probably didn’t ask and gave them the discount as a courtesy. I then pointed to the fat sack of shit still in the store and said, “I think that guy is a faker, and you might want to ask for his ID. Most military servicemembers and vets actually appreciate that.” She took it all in very well, and I think they asked for proof of service…which I assume he couldn’t provide. After that, I didn’t see him in that place wearing his fake-ass uniform again.
Should I have just walked away while this scammer was getting a discount from a well-meaning business? It’s none of my business after all, right? No, I made it my business…’cause it is irritating and just plain wrong.

Dave Cary, Infantry Sergeant

I don’t honestly know. It seems to be guaranteed under the First Amendment, freedom of expression. I know what I did and I can tell what others have done. I would think anyone who does that is not harming me. In fact, I would think he or she is a disturbed individual and I would be happy he is wearing a uniform so I would know that and not accidently hire him. If I really wanted to have a problem with it, I could point out that only the Infantry is the Infantry.
What is far more offensive to me are all the unprincipled politicians we have now who claim to be in favor of the Constitution but really aren’t. For example, we have about 5% of the world’s population, yet 25% of the world’s prisoners. I have drawn the conclusion that this is really about the government money which is received building prisons, buying food and clothing, and providing rural jobs. As another example, Title IV-D provides a financial incentive for the states to encourage divorce and for children to lose contact with a parent. These things are far more disturbing to my sense of honor than some unfortunate who does not value his or herself adequately and needs to pretend to be valuable.