COLOURS OF LIES……..The White Jihad

COLOURS OF LIES……..The White Jihad



The Crisis in the region of the Middle East, North Africa and EU is a maze of conflicts, involving dozens of players and full of jargon. As veterans, it should be of interest to all. One cannot make any sense of it, unless one takes a consolidated view of the facts. A similar situation prevails in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa. Perhaps the only left outs are Antarctica and the Arctic regions

I have written this article focusing on the former, not for publication or for publicity, but to invite the interest of friends and give them this consolidated view. Though a bit long, it shall give you a clear picture. Do spare a few minutes and share, if you have found it useful

Best regards, NC

Of Political Narratives & Obama’s Blunders

by N C Gupta 

Two decades back I use to wonder why in all conflicts around the world, one party is a Muslim country or Muslims are involved. While this may be true, in reality, behind every conflict/ crisis in the world, covertly or overtly, lies the unmistakable hat of uncle Sam. A hat that has scared 68 countries so far, while making a fortune for itself. Interestingly, most can be directly or indirectly linked to oil. For America when Russia, China, Iran or any other country asserts itself, it is a red flag. But when America asserts, it is white. It is often questioned that why there has been no coup in Washington? The answer is simple. Because DC is blessed to have no American embassy

Some may say what about Russia’s hand? There is no doubt that during the cold war following WW2, spreading its hegemony was one of Russia’s aim. However, it learnt a lesson in Afghanistan and since its disintegration, its policy has changed. It is busy in re-building itself and its interference in global affairs is at a low key. China learnt from Viet Nam and since then has shifted its global policy to “Power through economic development”. The policy has paid it well, making it an economic super house. On the other hand, America has neither learnt from its mistakes since Viet Nam nor reduced its interference in global affairs

For the last five decades, America has exploited the world through arms, which are an integral part of any crisis, which in turn is an integral part of its foreign policy and in turn its key GDP contributor. UN, which has the charter to be the global police man, has been made subservient to its host. With it, all other global power houses like world bank, IMF, UNHRC, IAEA, UNSCOM have de-facto become Americas mouthpiece

Obama’s presidency was no different than those of his predecessors. It has come to an end. What he did for America is for the people of America to judge; but what he did for the world, affects us all and we need to flash back. Not to blame him or his legacy, but to get to the root and be aware for the future

The Last Five Decades

With growing global demand for oil, the second half of the last century saw oil, the black gold, turn into a sparkling black diamond. So strong was its sparkle, that both, USA its biggest consumer and the Arab world its largest producer got blind. The former out of need and the later out of greed. With need becoming an obedient slave of greed, USA had no option but toe the line of the Arab world. USA however had the technology, without which, oil was a stockpile of palings. Thus was born the “Dirty Alliance” of you cover my back and I cover yours. This, despite the fact that the Arab world constitutes countries with an extremely poor human rights record. A value that America claims to cherishes the most; but gladly overlooks

The second important issue is the centuries old war within the Islamic world and in particular within the Arab world. The Shia – Sunni divide. As luck would have it, oil was almost equally distributed between the custodians of these two Islamic factions, Iran and Saudi Arabia

Having tasted blood, it was just a matter of time, that USA under pressure of its oil companies started asserting itself. The Arab world retaliated with creation of OPEC to take control in to their hands. Iran went a step further to nationalise the oil companies and threatened its trade in currencies other than USD. Thus was born the policy of ‘Regime Change.’ An arm twisting policy for regimes that do not toe the US line. Since then, regimes in over 40 countries have been changed. Added to this are sanctions, which only make the resolve of the effected countries stronger and in almost every case have failed to deliver

The methodology was simple. Identify the most appealing cause. Invest in creating a crisis around it. Using force or the gun, leave the common man no option but to toe your narrative. Implode the local and international media with heart rendering news of brutality and chaos. With the cause having been simmered enough, manipulate the security council approval. In its absence, use the ram rod to deliver the final blow of the hammer. Why worry, after all, who will question whom and who will impose sanctions on whom? Justifying its action as the will of the people, in reality, it represents their will at gun point

Victims of Regime Change Policy

The first victim of this policy was Iran, where Americas very own Shah was replaced by their very own Ayatollah. A step approved by the Arab world. A step that later blew up on their face

The fall out of this failure ultimately fell on Israel – Iran relations. A fall out that persists till date. In this context it needs to be remembered that Iran was the second Muslim-majority country to recognize Israel as a sovereign country after Turkey and had good relations with Israel. With fall of USSR and defeat of Iraqi army during Desert Storm, distribution of relative power shifted towards Iran and Israel and formed a nascent bipolar structure in the Middle East. Not palatable to USA or Saudi Arabia, it resulted in creation of the famous “Axis of Evil” narrative of Bush. A false narrative that is still playing itself in Yemen and we keep believing it

The second victim was Russia. With disintegration of USSR, west wanted to create a buffer of friendly countries between themselves and Russia. Instead of giving Russia time to stabilise from its disintegration, USA started the build-up of a series of narratives to overthrow the existing pro Russia regimes in countries of East Europe, now critical to this aim. This led to a chain of crisis in Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia, Estonia, Moldova, Belarus, Bosnia, Georgia and Kosovo, where existing regimes were replaced with friendly ones

Putin came to power as PM in 1999 and remained till 2008. In 2011, to counter his growing assertiveness and popularity, USA created the “White Ribbon Opposition” in Russia (akin to creation of our AAP). The opposition aimed at defeating Putin in the coming presidential elections. However, despite all attempts to keep him away and to the dislike of the western world, he returned in 2012 stronger and in full control of a falling Russia

The Third victim was Iraq. Taken aback by its invasion of Kuwait, the Arab world wanted a friendly regime in Iraq. Thus started creation of the “WMD Narrative” to remove Saddam. A totally false narrative, executed by the media to convince the world that Saddam indeed is the bad guy and we all fell for it

After Saddam was removed from power, on 11 May 2003, Bush Administration tapped Paul Bremer to head the so-called Coalition Provisional Authority. Just twelve days later, on 23 May 2003, in the greatest hurry and secrecy, Coalition Provisional Authority Order number 2 was signed. Despite stiff opposition from the military and opposition from Bush himself (as mentioned in his memoirs), it remains a mystery as to who had insisted on its signing and why? It is widely believed that it had been done by Dick Cheney (who in 2011 admitted it as a big mistake but denied involvement), on behest of the Saud Family and arms lobby. On the hind side, both Saud family and arms lobby, benefited immensely and continue to do so

Nothing could have been more insane then this order. This order disbanded the entire Iraqi military, security, and intelligence infrastructure becoming the biggest American mistake of the century. The jobless soldiers, who had received little or no salaries for the last six months had mouths to feed. They became a well-trained & motivated pick, hell bent at taking a revenge. Al Qaeda lapped them all, to establish the formidable Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) to take its insurgency against USA to the next level. The remnants were lapped up by ISIS. In absence of a local army, failure of US army to stem this insurgency lead to rise of ISIS in areas bordering Syria, Turkey and Iraq, with the aim of creating an Islamic state in the Levant

The fourth victim was Syria. Hafez al-Assad, president of Syria had always been a good friend of USA. With his death, his son Bashar al-Assad, an Ophthalmologist became the reluctant president. With turmoil that followed, he had no option but to rule with a heavy hand. During this period Syria was plagued with a sever seven-year drought, spurring over 2.5 million people to migrate from the countryside into cities, which exacerbated poverty and social unrest adding to the existing turmoil. Although the initial protests were mostly non-sectarian, armed conflict led to emergence of starker sectarian divisions. At this stage, despite differences, Obama continued his friendship with Assad and even provided support to fight the developing insurgency


This was also the time when west was busy trying to destroy Russia once and for all. That required removing dependence of Europe on Russian oil and replacing it with oil and gas from the Arab world. To do so, the west wanted to get control of Ukrainian oil and construct a pipe line from Arab oil field to Europe via Turkey and Syria. While Turkey was their NATO ally, to a total surprise to Obama, Assad negated the proposal. Obama took it as a personal humiliation. Assad had to be replaced with a puppet


The Fifth victim was Libya. Gaddafi was a close friend of USA and European countries, but he had political ambitions of projecting himself as the leader of Pan-African movement started by him. He had enough resources to do so. He wanted to create an African monetary fund, an African central bank, a central investment bank and a Common African currency for trade. Ethically, no one could have had anything against this noble desire. Politically, it was a challenge to US hegemony in Africa

The problem started when he took over Arab banking corporation in Kuwait. This move was not palatable to Saudi Arabia, as it threatened their position as the leader of the Islamic world, which has a very large Muslim Population in Africa (more than the Middle east). To make matters worse, Iran supported the acquisition. Saudi’s therefore wanted him gone. His going also suited USA and EU. Since politics always wins over ethics, a narrative of Gaddafi’s brutality unfolded on Libya. The world again bit the bait

 Obama Blunders

 There is no doubt that Obama inherited five major flash points mentioned above. What mattered now was what he would do with them? Would he have the wisdom, courage and the will to resolve them, or would he scum under his ego and pressure. In so doing, five points stand out. First, he came to power on promises of Machoism, something that Americans love. He had to project toughness. Second, he was forced to take Hillary as his Secy of state. Unwittingly he got himself in the crutches of the lobbyists. Third, his first term was filled with all round diplomatic and military failures. American casualties became an electoral issue. Four, keen for a second term, he promised No Boots on Ground. Desire for a second term got the better of him. Five, his second term compounded the failures of the first


Obama perhaps was a simple man made to react under pressure. A man who could not get his priorities right. A man who decided to fight on multiple fronts. A man who was “Right Talk & Wrong Action”

The mess up in Iraq required boots on ground. However, the needs and realities of the ground situation were sacrificed in favour of his desire of a second term and troops withdrawn prematurely on the premise that war will be fought in the air. While Obama kept pumping arms to support the newly created, untrained, unmotivated Iraqi army, they went straight in to ISIS hands. 2000 humpies were lost in just one operation. He had deliberately or unwittingly armed ISIS for free. Its no wonder that the greatest army of the world has failed for almost three years to take Mosul and Raqqah back from ISIS, while Russia has taken Aleppo back in three months 

As ISIS grew in strength so did their aims. They became a loose cannon no longer controllable by Saudi Arabia, their creator; but they continued to be of value to Saudi aims. Assad was blamed for harbouring them in Syria. This gave USA an excuse to create the Free Syrian army with a dual aim. To the world it was projected that this army would fight ISIS, but in reality it was tasked to create conditions appropriate to justify Assad’s Removal.  It was just a matter of time when Obama made Assad’s removal a pre-requisite to any talks or negotiations. Had Obama not insisted on removal of Assad, the crisis could have been resolved much earlier

During his first term Obama had always talked good of Putin but during his second term, Putin was seen as a stubborn man hell bent at preventing the fall of Russia. All throughout he remained busy in domestic affairs and a silent spectator to the middle east crisis, with little or no intervention, directly or indirectly. On the other hand, Obama in 2013, under immense pressure from EU and Saudi Arabia, made the mistake of trying to de-stabilise Crimea and Ukraine (the oil tank of Russia). This blew the lid off Putin’s patience and he vowed to retaliate

In Aug 2015, Russian defence minister questioned USA on their wisdom of insisting on replacing Assad, when similar regime changes of the past had converted those countries in to living hells. Russia took control in to its own hands and turned the tables on USA. In just one air operation almost the entire illegal trade of Iraqi oil by ISIS, their main source of revenue was destroyed. This could have easily been done by Obama much earlier if the will had existed. By siding with Saudi Arabia, Obama only made a bad situation critical. He neither fought on the ground nor against the right targets in the air. In reality, Obama had no clear enemy, but he did have a wrong aim

As the fallout of the mess in Iraq grew in Syria, a fresh crisis emerged. The crisis of refugees. In its initial stages Turkey agreed to host the refugees but the crisis went out of control. A decision had to be made to either stop all hostilities or make arrangements for accommodating the refugees. To bale Obama out, the president of EU under pressure from Germany (which had a huge manpower shortage for their industry and agreed to take in a million refugees), opened the doors of EU. Aided by the Schengen rules it created an unresolvable refugee mess in Europe

Africans saw Gaddafi as a person who cleansed the continent from the humiliation of apartheid (surprised). He openly questioned, are those wanting to export democracy in to Libya democrats themselves? Seeing his growing assertiveness, in 2011, Obama froze $ 85 Billion of Libyan funds meant for African projects and diverted some of them to rebels to fight and overthrow him. While Gaddafi was indeed overthrown, the country spiralled in to chaos to prevent which no plans had been made by Obama nor the mood of doing so existed because of his no boots on ground policy. Libya has been left to its fate to become the African epi centre of terrorism


The final straw of Obama’s foreign policy failures is the seventy year low in its relations with Israel. The country that has made America great and kept the region from imploding. In the last days of his presidency, for Obama to allow the security council to pass the resolution condemning Israeli settlement activities was indeed an “Et tu Brutus”

Had Obama had his ways, he would have effected a regime change in Israel as well. A change he did try, but Netanyahu won.

Situation Critical

Unwittingly, Obama has gifted the world with a volatile North Africa, destroyed Middle East and Europe staring in to a developing tornado of chaos. In short, on the international scene, Obama has been a C-in-C, who has repeatedly reinforced failures of previous C-in-C’s, with bigger failures of his own. With all this happening, can the rest of the world have a good night sleep?

I often wonder who is actually ruling the world. Certainly, the leaders including the American president, are not ruling it. The world appears to be ruled by a “Fraternal Mafia” of immense power and influence, akin to the control the Masons had in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. We are all pawns on their global chessboard, having a similar hierarchy of Pawn, knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen and King. The control is with none of the kings, but with the two players. Sadly, in this case, the control is with just one player – the Fraternal Mafia, assisted by its beloved media

It is most surprising that the world has not yet woken to the above happenings. It continues to believe that villainy lies with all other countries other than America and its close allies. Because of this attitude, America has never found anything wrong when in bed with Saudi Arabia, even when their records are far more distressing then those of Iran.  It is for the first time in its history, that an American president, in his campaign and even after swearing in, has repeatedly admitted that major American mistakes of the past are attributable to the mess in which the world is today. This article has adequately proven the same

The big question then is, what would Trump do? Resolve the mistakes of the previous C-in-C’s or continue to compound them. The next question is would the mafia ruling the world and media supporting them allow him to do the former? Finally, with no positive signs of the current quagmire reducing, is the world destined to continue to bear the brutal brunt, of the virus of false narratives of the mafia, plaguing the civilised world? The global situation, indeed, is as critical as can be


The Global Anomaly

Ukraine is 9000 kms from America. The people of the two countries have nothing in common. Ukraine has nothing to do with America. It does not threaten America in any way. On the other hand, Ukraine is Russia’s neighbour and earlier was its part.  The people of both the countries have a lot in common.  Ukraine has a lot to do with Russia. It can always pose a threat to Russia. Still, while Russian interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs draws sanctions, American interference in the same is fully justified. We never question this anomaly and believe what is fed

This applies to every country in the world including India’s relations with its neighbours or for that matter, those of any other country with its neighbours. The west has done away or reduced tension along its borders, while deliberately creating chaos in those of others. Do I need to give more examples?



Ladies and gentlemen; it is for you to decide where lies the truth. But one question is certain. Is this the murder of justice, or the justice of the hawk? Perhaps both! Murder of justice by the hawk.


To conclude, while the world will never know the real culprits, or its real rulers, may god bless the innocent twenty million, sacrificed by these mafia narratives, at the Civilised World’s Alter of ‘Regime Change’.