Saudi Women ‘Protest’ Sharia Law By Dancing In Burkas In Music Video-Hilarious

Saudi Women ‘Protest’ Sharia Law By Dancing In Burkas In Music Video-Hilarious


A group of “progressive” Saudi women Dancing In Burkas made a music video that has over four million views on YouTube.

The video shows women dancing In Burkas to music in public (prohibited in Saudi Arabia) and wandering around outside without a male escort (also prohibited in Saudi Arabia).

But the video, intended to be progressive, unintentionally proves to be a parody, because these progressive women who are dancing In Burkas and singing and showing their independence are all wearing burkas.  Even their faces are covered, except for their eyes.  In Saudi Arabia, the cutting edge for women is dancing and singing with a sheet over your body.  The idea that they think their act of rebellion is progressive when they are afraid to even show their face is funny and sad.


If Islamic countries can make rulings about the banning of full face coverings then why are we, a non-Islamic country, tearing ourselves to pieces over it?

We should align ourselves with much of Europe and many Islamic countries and ban all facial coverings, without exception, in all public places.

Banning all facial coverings can be justified on several grounds, including equality, social cohesion, security (especially at a time security agencies and police are on high alert) and wider national and community interests.

In a democratic country, the wider national interest must prevail over personal choice.

The burqa and niqab are personal choices, not religious requirements (otherwise why would Islamic countries discourage and ban burqas, niqabs and even hijabs?)

Nudists also have a personal choice, but are required to conform to the wider national social expectations of dress code in public places.

The sooner this divisive issue is dealt with and put to bed, the sooner we will have cohesion in this country. While facial coverings are allowed in public places, this issue will remain a festering sore that will re-emerge.

This poisonous debate should end. Put it behind us so we can all get along with each other again.

One rule for all. One Australia for all Australians.

Besides, Australia has strong cultural and societal grounds to consider the banning of all facial coverings in public, based on some very basic Australian principles:

Don’t come the raw prawn with me, mate

Don’t get ya nickers in a knot

Fair suck of the sauce bottle

Get off ya high horse

No wuckin furries

She’ll be right, mate


Turn it up

Finally, facial coverings risk obscuring your clear view of dodgy refereeing decisions at grand finals, resulting in more volatile disputes with the next person wearing a facial covering.

Aussies are proud of our history of immigration… but bloody hell, we need to see ya so we can at least say gidday.