We Wanna Salute This Pakistani News Channel That’s Claiming PM Modi Killed...

We Wanna Salute This Pakistani News Channel That’s Claiming PM Modi Killed Om Puri!


6th January 2017 would be marked as one of the dark days in the realm of Indian cinema as the fraternity lost one of its finest actors, Om Puri.The worldpaid tributeto the 66-year-old actor after his sudden demise which resulted from a heart attack.Om Puri was one of the actors who could play any role with great finesse and versatility was one of his hallmarks, like any true artist. It goes on without saying that the nation will commemorate his work and hold him close to their hearts eternally.As Bollywood paid a tearful adieu to the veteran actor, a bizarre theory surfaced on the internet – That Om Puri didn’t die a natural death.

A Pakistani-based TV channel brazenly claimed that Om Puri was murdered by Narendra Modi and Ajit Doval, his National Security Advisor. 

This would be one of the moments where one wouldn’t mind rolling their eyes and contemplate what they just read.

Aamir Liaqat, the host of the TV show claimed there were strangulation marks on the late actor’s neck.   He elaborates by saying that a pillow was used to strangulate him and a lot of alcohol bottles were recovered from his room. Apparently, alcohol was forced down his mouth.He informed his audience that Modi and Doval were behind the late actor’sdeath, citing reasons that he was fondof Pakistan and was interested in Islam.

“Doval, the right-hand man of Modi, is doing such work. Modi is a dirty man and his work is very dirty,” he said.Mr. Aamir didn’t hold anything back in this entire show and informed that Modi was holding a grudge against Om Puri because the actor acted in Dev, a movie based on the 2002 Gujarat riots. That’s not it.The host goes on to say that Ajit Doval had summoned the late actor tohis office. He was abused, stripped, and beaten.The host also premonished that Fawad Khan and Salman Khan are the next people on the hit list.You may watch the entire video here uploaded byBol TV Talk Shows:These claims are a little hard to digest. But, at the same time, it’s one of the weirdest conspiracy theories surrounding Om Puri’s death.