Two Hindu Boys Suspended From Missionary School, Reason Will Fill You With...

Two Hindu Boys Suspended From Missionary School, Reason Will Fill You With Anger


St. Joseph school Rameswaram where two Hindu boys suspended for having VIBHUTI in forehead: Media Silent

In one of the shocking instance of the Christian intolerance & contempt for Hindu beliefs and customs, Tamil media has reported that St. Joseph school in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu suspended two boy students for applying vibhuti (sacred ash) on forehead

As per the report, A government aided Christian school in Rameswaram (I) with over 1000 students, upto 12th. Two 12th standard students, preparing for Sabarimalai pilgrimage, came to school with the preparation garlands and Vibhuti.
The administration warned the students about coming to school with Vibhuti on their foreheads.
The two boys attended school the next day wearing Vibhuti. The administration suspended them.
The shocked parents and ‘Hindu forward committee’ (direct translation) met with the administration for an explanation.

The administration said the two students lacked discipline and were involved in unacceptable activities (approx translation).
Post a long discussion, today the students were permitted to attend school.

No word on whether the Vibhuti ban has been rescinded or not

Hindu devotees apply vibhuti traditionally as three horizontal lines across the forehead and other parts of the body to honor Bhagwan Shiva. This verse from the Bible explains the Christian fanaticism against vibhuti and other Hindu symbols –

Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.
-Leveticus 19:28

Instances of Hindu students being victimised & Hindu symbols being banned in Christian educational institutions are commonplace.

Twitter user reported the whole incident.

Now since the two boys are from majority community media ignores it and does not make any news of it