From Media to Big Boss: The subtle anti-Hindu agenda you know nothing...

From Media to Big Boss: The subtle anti-Hindu agenda you know nothing about!


How many of you watch Big Boss? Well I don’t. But I was honestly quite surprised when one of my close friends told how Hindu swami jis are all frauds. I was shocked at his anti-Hindu generalization. I asked him why. He told me about one contestant on Big Boss who made him think this way. This person named Om Swami had allegedly thrown his urine on a co contestant.

For many this may be pure entertainment, but let us look at it with some logic. This whole Big Boss is a set up as per several reports. Now what could be the agenda behind depicting a Hindu swami in bad light? Things make more sense to you now?

I have heard that in the South Indian version of Big Boss, they are going to be introducing a new contestant -Swami Bhadrananad, one again a cranky Hindu swami ji whom people will ridicule. I have to ask these people, why the hell now bring in a cranky Imam or a pastor? No balls to do that eh?

Bigg Boss TV series was aimed to make our society accept Drugs Addicts, Weirdos, Punks, Feminazis, Thieves, Molesterors, etc as part of our society. Indian homes are attacked hour after hour via TV, to pulverize the happy families and ultimately our culture.

How cleverly they made porn star SUNNY LEONE the “WOMEN ICON OF INDIA” – a whole future generation of young girls have been corrupted.

Do you remember how Arun Puri’s Headlines Today channel Introduced SAVITA BHABHI to Indians on prime time.

Savita bhabhi was a married Hindu woman with sindhoor, mangalsutra etc – who opens out her legs to EVERYBODY – children playing cricket, salesmen, servants, -and she gets discounts from vegetable sellers, kulfi wallahs etc. some of the sex she does under the table- with her husband sitting next to her.

We had PRESSTITUTES making an icon out of Savita Bhabhi & Sunny Leone.

Our glorious ancient culture and civilization is UNDER ATTACK. Wake up.