This Narendra Modi fan gives 1 kg tomato free for families having...

This Narendra Modi fan gives 1 kg tomato free for families having loos


This Narendra Modi fan gives 1 kg tomato free for families having loos

A 45-year-old vegetable vendor from Koppal district has Swachh Bharat on her mind even while trudging through her village’s winding roads selling vegetables. She hands out a kilogram of tomatoes free if a family has constructed a toilet in its house.

Sharanamma Bakar, from Danapur village of Gangavati taluk, thought of this unusual incentive when she realized that about 500 of the village’s 1,300 families don’t have a loo of their own.

Sharanamma goes to every nook and corner of the village, educates people on the need of having a toilet in each house and also why it’s important to keep the environment neat and hygienic. And she’s not offloading tomatoes because of the glut in production.

The vendor told TOI she buys 120 kg of tomatoes shelling out about Rs 3,500 from the wholesale market every day. “I’ve been selling vegetables for 25 years to eke out a living. I am a fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who’s encouraging people to build toilets in their houses as part of the Swachh mission,” she said.

 Like thousands of villages in the country, Koppal’s Danapur has many villagers who walk a long distance or wait for the dusk to set in to relieve themselves in the open. “When I go door to door with my Swachh campaign, I tell them about the health benefits of having a toilet in each house. I also give them details of financial support offered by the Union government to construct toilets,” she said.The woman vendor has handed out nearly 300 kg of tomatoes as part of her campaign, suggesting she has seen at least as many families having built a toilet in their house. “Sometimes, I have gifted a kilo of tomatoes to families which are willing to build a toilet. I will do this campaign for some more time,” she said.
Channamma, from the village, said, “The woman vendor is doing an incredible job. She came to our house and enquired about the toilet mission. When we replied in the affirmative, she gave us tomatoes.”

 Danapur gram panchayat president Mahammad Shafi said Sharanamma has set an example for others by launching a voluntary campaign and parting with vegetables for a noble cause. “After she started the initiative, more and more people have approached us with queries about the Swachh mission.