Permanent Employee Vs Contractual Employee of Govt Sector in India

Permanent Employee Vs Contractual Employee of Govt Sector in India


In India, comparatively only a small number have permanent job in Govt Sector, Public Sector Undertakings or Autonomous Institutions under the Government. In the Private Sector even the permanent looking jobs are actually contractual in nature as they can be terminated after giving due notice and compensation. Nowadays most of the hands on jobs (all types done by erstwhile Grade IV Employees in govt service) are being outsourced to Contractors by both Govt Departments and Private Sector Companies. Apart from such contractual outsourcing, Govt, PSUs and Private sector are also hiring employees purely on contractual basis for periods less than 12 months for Grade III and II jobs and in some cases even for Grade I Job.  Though the general nature of a given job may be the same for permanent or temporary or outsourced or contractual employees, the compensatory package and perks differ vastly.   There are immense dissimilarities in the earnings. A worker earns 5000-7000 rupees per month for any work of Grade IV type as a contractual without any perks or facilities. On  the other hand, a permanent worker earns at least 20000-25000 Rupees per month for the same work on permanent basis along with additional perks like transport allowance, house rent , provident fund etc. Whereas the work load, the deducation to work etc remains the same.

Work done and output by both contractual employee and the permanent employee are the same. In fact, in many organisation some of the permanent employees act like a dictator and even threaten and bully the contractual employees.  This causes a lot of frustration in the contractual employees even when they are dedicated to their work.

As per government rule minimum salary of a Mazdoor is rupees 300 per day but even in the government sector this rule is not followed by the authorities with respect to contractual employees. Instead they are given around only 250 rupees per day salary. Also the permanent employee in the government gets full facilities in any organisation but the contractual employee of the same organisation will never be provided with a single facility.  This is a big organisational drawback within our Indian organisations and it greatly affects the cohesion and timely output of quality work.

Further many a times even if the Contractual Agreement says that salary will be revised from time to time, it is easily flouted. Many rules are passed by the Indian government but then even Govt departments do not obey these rules. Instead the authorities threaten to throw out people who try and protest. Poor workers have to just suffer in silence.

Such issues needs to resolved by the Govt. For same type of work equal salary must be paid to permanent and contractual workers. There should be no exploitation. Yes Permanent types may be given various perks and facilities in addition.