(Chapter : 7) Life As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Special...

(Chapter : 7) Life As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Special Forces Veteran



These collections have been photographed through camera lens by a discerning Lensman who has started looking at the World from a different angle. Just imagine , till a few years back the same pair of  eyes were more accustomed to peer through the lenses of a binocular, night vision goggles, other night vision devices, spotterscopes, various kinds of  Lenses mounted on machine guns, missiles and even the deadly Dragnov…..the sniper rifle !!!

This Lensman, a Parachute Special Forces Veteran, in no time has turned from an ordinary photographer into a thorough professional. His name is Col Sudhir Kumar Varni, now you can sample next five of his pictures.

Kal (Aaj) Aur Kal

Four Generations under one roof

I am tension free, this is my wealth

Happiness in future

Aaj Kal Aur Kal

Partnership Unlimited