(Chapter: 6) Life As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Special Forces...

(Chapter: 6) Life As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Special Forces Veteran


These collections have been photographed through camera lens by a discerning Lensman who has started looking at the World from a different angle. Just imagine , till a few years back the same pair of  eyes were more accustomed to peer through the lenses of a binocular, night vision goggles, other night vision devices, spotterscopes, various kinds of  Lenses mounted on machine guns, missiles and even the deadly Dragnov…..the sniper rifle !!!

This Lensman, a Parachute Special Forces Veteran, in no time has turned from an ordinary photographer into a thorough professional. His name is Col Sudhir Kumar Varni, now you can sample next five of his pictures.

Uninterested or is it disinterested…….go to Wren and Martin of Life

Part of the relics of those golden days of yore

Black or white …….UPA or NDA

Mehndi of Rajputana not the RAJ (British)

In the true tradition of the Raj

Any Bottle gives you Equal Masti

Self and Shadow…..Mother and Daughter